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10-10-2011, 05:45 AM
Just thought I should introduce myself so here's a little background;
I first decided to start going to the gym in my late twenties (I had just seen Terminator 2 and was in awe of Linda Hamilton's arms haha) and, luckily, I wasn't afraid of lifting heavy. Before I knew it, I was deadlifting 80kg sets and eventually went on to compete in a comp where I deadlifted 102.5kg whilst weighing in at 50.2kg. It was one of the best days of my life- I won best lift overall out of the whole comp and came in second in the women's division.
For a variety of reasons I stopped training for almost 10 years until I went back in 2006- unfortunately I became so fixated on dropping body fat that two years later I ended up in hospital with orthorexia/anorexia being force fed ~Ensure through a tube up my nose. So I have been hesitant about going back into a training/wight loss environment because I know I have a tendency to take my training to extremes. But I just can't stand not being in shape, it makes me feel miserable and I love lifting so I have decided to start back up, just taking things slowly and being alert for any unhealthy stuff (like wanting to train 2 times a day- no, I don't need to do that, the gym will still be there tomorrow). Oddly enough I have encountered quite a few women on BB boards who have gone from eating disorders to weight lifting- maybe it's just another way of exerting control with less damage? :shrug:
I'm around 60kg at 165.5cm at the moment, although I don't like to weigh myself and refuse to get my old scales out, preferring to gauge my progress by the way my clothes fit, the odd measurement etc (IMHO using scales has too much potential for triggering problematic behaviour, especially if you have a history of eating disorders etc).
I had been considering entering a competition (fitness- I'm too small for physique) but I've decided that the caloric restrictions and focus on body fat levels might not be the best idea at this point in time, so instead I just want to build up some (lots) more lean muscle mass and drop those few extra kg of fat that I'm carrying around my midsection- I'm carrying around 4kg more than I usually do (I'm 60kg) which would be fine if it were muscle, but it's not so I' determined to shed it. I love having defined muscularity over just being toned so that's a big part of my drive but I do struggle to gain size, so I'm hoping to get some ideas from the forum here and, now that I'm older, I know my metabolism has slowed down a bit so I might need some help in losing that extra body fat that used to go so quickly when I trained.
I don't eat super clean by any stretch, but I don't eat take out etc either or much junk- a few squares of chocolate a couple of times a week with a cuppa tea is about the extent of it. I don't drink alcohol at all, nor do I drink those coffee frappes or eat out. I have porridge or sourdough toast w/vegimite for brekkie, a wholemeal roll with rocket and chicken or similar for lunch, whey protien drink after training and pasta with homemade, tomato based sauces (like lean mince chicken bolognaise) or homemade chicken fajitas with salad and dry fried tortillas for dinner... nothing shocking, but not mega clean either. Eating enough when training has always been a bit of a struggle for me and, now that I am also aiming to lose some body fat, I'm hoping I won't need to restrict but I'm always open to feedback.

Umm, what else? I just turned 40 and am still wrapping my head around that haha, I'm a single mum to a great kid and I prefer lifting heavy to any other gym activity. I'm looking forward to learning lots and maybe encouraging other women to try compound lifts- they rock! And my apologies for the ridiculously long intro :oops:

10-10-2011, 09:11 AM
looking forward to hearing more from you?

10-10-2011, 11:01 AM
im from perth WA :)

i am recovering from 8yrs of EDs and i too have noticed that trend..

glad to see u here!