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12-20-2011, 06:10 AM
Hi all!

Im Shamina, Guy's other half. I havent had a chance to get on here until now. I just wanted to say hello! As Guy mentioned we have two beautiful and amazing children Easton and Sierra. Guy has two very busy businesses and I am a Real Estate Attorney here in Chicago. But I have always had deep love for fitness and nutrition. I remember starting out doing the 20 min workout as a child (aging myself here). I am originally from Toronto (Born and raised), went to law school in Michigan where I met Guy. Then I never went back home. Guy and I started the plan together two days after the American Thanksgiving.

Guy is the chef in the house and it helps that he is on board with the plan. Having that support at home really helps you keep on plan and also there is someone else in your life that completely gets what you are doing no questions asked. I am so proud of his progress since May. He has an excellent 6 pack he needs to post a pix of.

I have always worked out and I hit the gym 6 days a week religiously. We do eat clean but now it is ultra clean :bugeyes: lol but we are loving it. I have always wanted to shred down more and in the past 6 months I have not been able to change my body the way I want. I dont have that knowledge I just do what I have known and what I would research, what this trainer would say etc. I needed someone who knew their stuff and could also educate me in the process. I admit I tried the cardio thing (after having stopped it for a long time and just straight lifting, I thought well let me try this again-boo no results). I was out of answers nothing was getting me the results I was looking for. Finally, in such a short time on this plan I am seeing the changes I was looking for. We have both already made noticable changes in our body.

The first few days on the plan I learned what being really hungry was lol. But now I have adapted to it much better. With everything you want you have to mentally over come this and it still is a process but you keep at it.

We are excited to join this family and see our bodies change. What I love about this the LBC plan is that I am in the gym with a dedicated workout plan. Boom boom boom and I know what is happening. I also know what my meals will be. It helps me really stay on track and keep focused.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is ready for holidays! Our kids are extremely excited for Santa and my parents and brother to visit!


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nice to have meet the other half.. :)

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Welcome :)

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Welcome :)