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It calls Fitball a new and amusing gymnastics with the ball; it models the body, but it is also profit to prevent the articular troubles and to improve the equilibrium.

Healthy and in form rolling, jumping and bouncing: the fitball arrives, a physical exercise that allows to lengthen and to invigorate the muscles, "to loosen" the articulations, "to burn" the superfluous fat, to train heart and bellows. The all without effort and with the maximum fun.

I suit for everybody, the fitball is a training also used for preventing, or to treat, problems of the locomotor apparatus and to improve the sense of the equilibrium.

The utensil

"The fitball - it says Arrigo Giombini, responsible of the Service of rehabilitation and ricondizionamento of the institute of Science of the Sport of the Cones - it is, in practice, a ball of full PVC of air with a varying diameter from the 45 to the 75 cms, that exploit in dynamic way the postural order more used in the daily activities: the sat position. The ball, in fact, returns the consequential push to the individual from the bodily weight in the form of energy and this is used for moving all the muscular masses of the body, almost in absence of gravity. This aspect is very useful because the articulations can be "loose" without the consequential overloads from the weight and their mobility you/he/she can be recovered or widened without risks of lesions or microtraumi."

"The elasticity that the fitball ridona to the whole body - it continues the expert - it is also a panacea for those people that, forced to spend quite a lot times a day sat in front of a desk or in car, they complain about inflammations, tensions and painful contractures of the vertebral column, what for instance the "the witch's hit", the inflammation of the sciatic nerve or, more simply, the common ache of back."

The practice

"Besides, the dynamic action of the ball, that to every movement "it winds" all the parts of the body to contact with it, - continuous Giombini - he/she forces the receptors propriocettivi of the organism to activate him to determine the necessary muscular contractions to compensate the sudden variations of the position of the body in the space and to always maintain him/it in equilibrium. This ownership of the fitball is also precious as training of a lot of sporting disciplines (for example, the artistic gymnastics, the ski, the skating, the boating, the dance and that whole other sports that foresee phases of flight) that they ask for a good ability to quickly react to modifications of the baricentro."

The advantages

"The training then, - he/she explains doctor Arrigo Giombini-with contemplated exercises and to greater speed, it improves the cardiovascular efficiency and it remodels the figure "burning" the fats, because as all the aerobic activities of low or it mediates intensity and long duration, it pushes the organism to draw to the reserves of fats, rather than of sugars, to draw the necessary energy to the movement."

"This aspect, - he/she specifies the expert-united to the raising of the general and local metabolism, due to the job, it allows to reduce the fabric in excess and to oppose the cellulitis."

To get all these benefits, both on the physical plan, and on that aesthetical, however, it is necessary to also undertake himself/herself/themselves in the fitball with gradualness and constancy.

To burn the fats

If the purpose is that to invigorate the muscles and to loosen the fats—it warns doctor Giombini, of the Cones—it needs to begin working three times a week for 30 consecutive minutes to the 50-60% of the frequency cardiac motto (value that can be drawn escaping to 220 the age). After the first 2-3 weeks the speed of the movements can be increased, up to reach the 70% of the frequency cardiac motto. Over this limit it is better not to go, because the obtainable benefits don't justify the risk to run into lesions or overload traumas.

To loosen the muscles

If the objective is that to improve the articular functionality, the speed of the movement it doesn't matter. It needs to privilege, instead, the ampleness of the movement and to reach the maximum articular excursion and the maximum extension of the muscle without feeling pain. For every bodily district, to maintain the position for at least 20 seconds, to relax the muscles, to repeat the exercise 10 times and, after one minute of rest, to perform twice the whole series for others.


This way you find the correct push

Here as to lengthen and to invigorate the muscles with the Fitball and to maintain in form heart and bellows. Initially the exercises can be performed without bouncing for taking confidence with the ball.

1 - slightly sat on the ball with the astute back and the wide apart legs. To push in low on the ball in way of beginning to bounce without losing the contact and pushing in before and back the basin to make to roll the ball in antero-back sense. To perform 10 movements. This exercise invigorates glutei, abdominal and dorsal. To watch out for to maintain the astute back.

2 - sat to the center of the ball with the braccias along the sides and the legs flexed to 90° with the near feet. Bouncing to stretch a leg in before and to lift aloft the braccias. To return in the position of departure and to repeat 10 times with every leg. This exercise invigorates the quadricipitis (anterior muscles of the thigh).

3 - sat on the ball with the united legs, bouncing to stretch a leg of side while the bust with the extended arm above the head tilts him from the opposite side. To perform 10 movements with every leg. This exercise invigorates the external muscles of the thigh and lengthens those insides and the side muscles of the trunk.


At the end of the training, it is to make well some extension of the muscles of the back and the vertebral column. With the feet that touch earth to stretch him above the ball and to embrace her/it with the hands. The neck has to be relaxed and the direct look in low. To reach the position of maximum possible extension, flexing some the knees, and to maintain the position for at least 30 seconds. To relax the muscles and to repeat the exercise 10 times. As soon as he takes confidence with the ball the training you/he/she must have extended for at least 30 minutes to a cardiac frequency initially equal to 50, and then to the 70 percent of the frequency cardiac motto (calculable escaping to 220 his/her own age). In this way heart and bellows are trained.

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