05-05-2006, 01:29 PM
The traditional methods of training are ancient as the faraonis and they can need some small change. You try to put down to head the pyramidal system to stimulate a new growth.

Are you really definite to put on the maximum one some muscles in the smaller possible time then? Welcome in the club! If you are as I, cannot bear the idea to lose the precious time to perform innumerable sets and repetitions in gym, despite is really what ago the most greater part of the people following the most conventional programs of training If you want that your workouts are more effective, really binding, I recommend you to inform well you on the system of the inverse pyramid (SPI), a proper technique only to whom wants to do seriously and you/he/she is prepared to give within us to get an explosive muscular growth. Are you ready to press on the pedal of the intensity?

The system to pyramid
To understand the SPI it is necessary first of all to know well the concept to it to speculate, or the system to pyramid, on which the most greater part of the conventional programs found him. This system has been existing by now for decades and it is extremely actual still in how much it works indeed, especially for the beginners, in the first months of training. The fact that works doesn't mean however that cannot be improved. But on this we will return later; for now we keep on crossing again our knowledges on the system to pyramid.
This very popular technique takes the name from the fact that it is performed more and more a determined exercise with heavy loads, up to the maximum one, after that it is begun to reduce the load to every following set. Eccovi a chart with a typical example of pyramid scheme.

Limitations of the system to pyramid
The traditional system to pyramid doesn't allow to perform many exercises in the same workout, otherwise the total number of the sets would be maddish. You try to imagine to make four sets for the breast with the system just described: in an only session would find again you to make 28 sets, and this performing only a maximal set for exercise!
The system to pyramid asks besides for a lot of energies, which means that intensity is destined to hear again of it. This happens because an inverse correlation exists among volume and intensity: you/he/she can train very hard us for a period or intensely and for a longer time, but you/he/she cannot intensely be done and for a long time, punishment the impossibility to give the maximum one in every set of every exercise. If you think about being able to intensely train you for it is able of 60 minutes, you don't sincerely have idea of thing is a hard workout.
Besides requiring more energies, the traditional system also involves some times of recovery you increase after the workout, when the priority for the organism is to recover the calories it spent with the exercise. The body begins therefore to reconstruct the damaged fabrics during the workout, and also this richede time and energies.
We deduce of it that the system to pyramid involves a discreet risk of sovrallenamento, situation that can make to arrest any progress and, in the worse cases, even to provoke the loss of strength and muscular mass not to speak of the desire to train himself/herself/themselves.

The inverse pyramid: a workout to head down
As you/he/she can be realized by the name, the SPI consists of beginning with the heaviest load in the first set (naturally in a pair of sets of heating) and then to reduce the load to every following set. The advantage, in theory, it is in the possibility to load the muscular fibers when they are at the most of the strengths, activating the most greater number of it and getting therefore best results.
You remember that the muscular fibers are contracted according to a principle of “all or nothing”, in the sense that when a fiber is stimulated he contracts completely or he doesn't contract at all. Greater it is the used load and more motor unities sell you activate for lifting him/it. When the first repetition of an exercise is begun, a part of the fibers of the involved muscle they are activated compleamente how much it is enough for completing the movement. To every following repetition, the fibers tire him and you/they are activated from there some others up to when, at least in theory, all the muscular fibers are not activated for contracting himself/herself/themselves and to lift the weight.
The most rapid way to activate a muscle is to use then the maximum possible load for a datum number of repetitions when the muscles to be trained are at the most of the strength, or to the beginning of a set and not at the end or in the mean. This is important because when a muscle is still fresh the ATP (chemical substance indipensabile for the energy and the contractions) and the glicogeno (the fuel stored in the muscles) they are to the maximum levels. It is in this phase that the muscles can really produce an elevated power.

The threshold of growth
Using the maximum loads to the beginning of the workout they can be brought more quickly the muscles that that the threshold of growth is defined, that is the point in which the muscular fatigue is enough intense to be solicited the muscular development. During a workout, the objective should be always to tire more the trained muscles to every following set.
In other words, the muscles have to get tired more always himself/herself/themselves up to when they don't become you deprive of functionality. To this point, their answer is that to grow for adapting himself/herself/themselves becoming bigger and stronger, to condition that is fed and made to rest to sufficiency, so that to be able to face in the future some superior loads. To train himself/herself/themselves over this point is only a loss of time and door to the sovrallenameto, since the stimulus to the growth has already been reached.
The SPI can make the threshold of growth reach more quickly you, doing yes that the workouts are briefer and intense. Which or rather that you cannot only count on best results, but also that you will pass less time in gym.

The challenge of the inverse pyramid
The principal obstacle in to adopt the SPI is that the muscles have to be first heated to duty to avoid the risk of traumas. You think about the muscles as if they were of the elastic ones of attached paragraph to the bones. If you try to lengthen an elastic when it is cold and fragile, there is the risk that breaks him. If instead before the heated ones becomes more elastic, and it bears better the loads that are imposed him. It is for this that is essential to warm up well himself/herself/themselves before adopting the SPI.
Will you probably be thinking that also in the traditional system to pyramid the muscles are heated before reaching the maximum load, correct? Yes and no...
With the SPI, the muscles are heated by to train with a light weight, to increase the influx of blood in the interested zone and to prepare tendons and articulations to the heavy job, making them more elastic and resistant. In the traditional system it heats him performing more sets with progressive loads, thing that can deprive the muscles of the necessary energy to perform some maximal performances. Chiara the difference?

As to use her/it
To use the SPI, initiates heating you with a pair of light sets for the select exercise. You pass therefore to the first heavy load. We for instance take the bench press to show a typical pyramid inverse progression.
For the first set of heating, you lift 60 kgs for 15-20 repetitions; in the second set of heating, you increase the thin weight to 84 kgs and you perform 10 repetitions. You increase therefore the load up to the maximum one, in the fattispecie 134 kgs, and you perform 10 repetitions. When to the tithe repetition you won't succeed in moving the weight without external help anymore, you will have reached the positive yelding and the end of the first set of job.
In the second set, you leave the load to 134 kgs and fairies 6 repetitions up to the yelding. The muscles of the breast will already be beginning to get tired himself/herself/themselves and to pump him. Since it is necessary to maintain the same number of repetitions in the following set, you reduce the 10% load around, bringing him/it so to 120 kgs. In the third one and last set, ground 6-8 repetitions up to the yelding. Three heavy sets and will have ended with this exercise!
To this point, you choose a second exercise as for instance the presses with the handlebars on tilted, and you begin with a set of heating with around 25 kgs; you pass therefore to the first heavy set with handlebars from 40 kgs, for 10 repetitions. In the second set, you lower the 10% load (36 kgs) and you make the most greater possible number of repetitions, probably around eight. For the third one and last set, you take two handlebars from 32 kgs and given us inside more than you are able, around the 9 repetitions, up to when you won't be exhausted.
If you feel you particularly brave, you still choose another exercise, even the crosses with the handlebars, and you proceed as in those precedents: three hard set up to the yelding and your breast will be beautiful and cooked. Try to compare the system to pyramid with the seven shabby sets of a traditional program and will see that in how much to intensity and results there can be no comparisons! And when it comes with stimulating the muscular growth, intensity is everything.

Attention to the breaks
To maintain tall the intensity of the workout, fairies of the breaks briefest possible between a set and the other; as a rule, stop as only you enough for riprender breath, or because the respiraton returns stable. This system is more effective than the to follow a based rigid scheme on the seconds of break; checking the respiraton instead of the clock you can regulate better you and in more proper way for your individual characteristics. This way doing, you will notice that if you want us 60, 90 and 120 seconds to take back you in the sets devoted to the legs, with the smaller muscular groups the breaks can be also of solos 45 second. You remember that idea is that to tire the muscles in progressive way: to rest too much himself/herself/themselves between a set and the other one facilitates too much the things and it makes the least effective exercise.

To who serves
The SPI works well in the programs that go from the intermediary level to that advanced, and therefore it is not proper for the beginners or to whom is out form, since you/he/she can be very hard on tendons and articulations, kind if follows in a little correct way. One of the most common problems are represented in fact from the strong impact on the articulations, problem that nevertheless you/he/she can be implored with a good heating.
The SPI is ideal is in the phase of mass that in the pre-competitive period, when it is necessary to preserve the muscular mass eliminating at the same time the bodily fat. During my career in the IFBB, the SPI has always been my method of preferred training, that has allowed me of metter on over 20 kgs of compact muscles and defined, literally transforming my physicist. You try the inverse pyramid and is to see what it happens to your muscles in terms of mass, definition and performances. At times, to upset the rules can bait unexpected changes and to bring to unbelievable results.