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  1. chrysalis1
    chrysalis1 Stephanie
    Good to be back...
  2. Fay
    It's a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up. ~Zig Ziglar
  3. Bewitched4011
    Hey Thanks for visiting!! I am pretty much an open book, hoping to start my journal real soon for some accountability and input from all the positive influences on this forum. Why am I nervous? - not a clue - maybe because this is a new adventure and one I intend on sticking too until my goal is met! After years and years of yo yo dieting - I am over it - I want a lifestyle that sticks, first and foremost I want to learn the whats and whys about nutrition along with appropriate workouts the get lasting results. Again, thanks for stopping by I look forward following each of you!
  4. tracy1926
    Figure competitor & firefighter.
  5. MelindaJ
    MelindaJ cdnmom2girls
    I'm not sure if you'll see my post . I've done tons of reading and you had said stop doing the crazy cardio. How much should I be doing?
  6. MelindaJ
    I have a question about supplements. I saw that the only ones that are necessary are a multi and fis
  7. Blondell
    Blondell kaiZEN
    HEY! There's nothing on your page! Now there is. :p
  8. smuggie
    smuggie mackie
    I just posted in your journal. [IMG]
  9. mackie
    mackie smuggie
    Oh my!! What a pleasant surprise it is to see you here, my dear! :love:
  10. Blondell
    Blondell Anca
  11. Blondell
    Blondell Amy
    Where are you!?
  12. Blondell
    Blondell drea
    My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Yes, I'll see if I can pm you. :)
  13. drea
    drea Blondell
    Hi blondell - I just tried sending ou a pm but it says your inbox is too full to go through...can I msg you another way? ( regarding binging help) thanks. Andrea
  14. michele.m
    michele.m brooket
    okay will do.
  15. brooket
    brooket michele.m
    Sorry, I can't find you. Can you to to the Metabolic Mayhem FB page and make a 'comment' that you want to join the blt group? Then I will be able to click on your profile to friend you!
  16. michele.m
    michele.m brooket
    hi there...

    my email is for facebook.
  17. brooket
    brooket michele.m
    What is your full name on FB, it will be easier for me to find you ;)
  18. michele.m
    michele.m brooket
    hi me find you on facebook so i can join the challenge......i'm not so facebook literate.....LOL!
  19. baybygirl31
    baybygirl31 michele.m
    Thank you so much! Look forward to following yours as well. :)
  20. michele.m
    michele.m baybygirl31
    wow..i just read about your personal journey...amazing..and inspiring.