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Feb 17, 2013
Dec 4, 2011
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Chicago Suburb

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Active Member, from Chicago Suburb

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Feb 17, 2013
    1. michele.m
      okay will do.
    2. michele.m
      hi there...

      my email is for facebook.
    3. michele.m
      hi me find you on facebook so i can join the challenge......i'm not so facebook literate.....LOL!
    4. brooket
      I would love to see it! My email is

      You are doing great! Keep up the good work :)
    5. teganrenee
      I was going to send you a photo it only offers me to post pics from an URL not upload from the computer. If you want to give me your email I will send one and my suit :)
    6. achogan
      Wow! We are close - I lived in Naperville a long while back and grew up in Oswego! I've been on the plan 5 weeks now - starting at Thanksgiving and through the holidays :sadcry: -- but have lost 6 pounds and some good inches -- working on getting rid of that booty and firming up the back of legs for sure! And I was sick for 3 weeks of it! Feeling great now and on a tear! People have really noticed a change and made comments -- some not so positive I noticed - but I know it's their issue, not mine!

      Do you know of any other LBCers in the area? We should have a get together! I would love to sometime!

    7. achogan
      Hi Brooke! Did I ask where you live? I'm in Elmhurst? I don't really know how to navigate this site - I need a tutor -- so sorry if you've left it somewhere and I cannot find it! Haha! Carol
    8. templefit
      Good Morning Brooke . Day2 back in compliance :wave:
    9. Debbie
      I like Astanga the best but throw in an occasional Bikram class every once in awhile. I understand what you mean about yoga helping you connect your mind and body. It really helped with my lifting- I can now feel what muscles are working. Big plus!
    10. brooket
      Oh yes, LOVE yoga! I go to a great studio, so much support, great teachers and energy is awesome there. What style do you like? I feel that it has totally allowed me to connect my mind and body. Sounds cliche, but I could never get my mind to "feel" the correct form with movement and was just getting hurt until in incorporated yoga. Here is to some rockin' hot yoga MMT, LBC bods!
    11. Debbie
      Thanks Brook. I saw that you are a yoga lover too. :) Yes, I'm still waiting- looks like it will be another month. I've learned a ton here while on the wait list though so it's been good. I'll watch for your journal- they are so much fun to have and a ton of positive support.
    12. Debbie
      Hi Brooke- Can't wait to hear about your journey with Amy. Love the goals you have set for yourself. :thumb:
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    Chicago Suburb
    I am 38 years old, married (to a GREAT husband), and have a 12 year old son.
    After a 4 year battle with severe depression and obesity, I lost 50 pounds by reducing calories, and working out. Now its time to get LEAN! I totally transformed my life, took up running and fell in LOVE with Baptiste Power Yoga!
    My goals for 2012 are to finish Yoga Teacher Training, Life Coach Certification and continue on this awesome journey of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

    Weight training, Running, Power Yoga