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Jul 25, 2010
May 8, 2010
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Teacher, elementary Kinder

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itsmytime, from california

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Jul 25, 2010
    1. Natalie
      Hi Trish! I haven't actually worked with Erik for a few years now and when I did I had done 3 phases with him. I wanted to do more and would have but money was tight so I had to stop. Erik is great! And I would definitley work with him again if I had the opportunity. It's great that you are going for your dreams....the diet was the hardest part for me....but like most people posted it's all mental. For me it was easier once I started seeing the changes and losing inches. Currently I still weight train but I have found a new passion which is Zumba. Not sure if you have heard of it but it has gotten me in great shape. I still would like to get into top shape and I will once I get my mind right to do the dieting thing again. But right now I just loving life and Zumba'ing! Best of luck on your are in great hands with Erik!
    2. itsmytime
      I do need to have some sort of tool to say NO to additional bites. BTW what is a refeed? I have read about that. My goals are to be bikini ready with lean defined muscles from head to toe. Not interested in competing (at least at this time, who know what the future holds). I have started to journal I just need to be consistent and log on daily for support.
    3. LoveToWorkout
      I'm so glad my post can be motivation for you. Also, congrats on getting board with a wonderful coach. Erik is really good and I totally have lots of respect for his methods. The only thing you can do is remind yourself that eating so and so isn't going to help you reach your goals. It's only going to hinder them. Not only that but maybe after the initial 2 - 4 wks on plan, Erik will give you a refeed or cheat meal. Not sure what your goals are though. You also need to communicate with him on your struggles. He can help with that. Also, have you started a journal? That may help. The forum is really great about support.
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