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  1. stephm2010

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    Starting this for Cathymp and Mlittle21 and anyone else that is interested or has something to add. This should be fun :)

    For Hair

    I love Kenra products because they smell sooo yummy, they are pretty (I'm a sucker for nice packaging), and they actually WORK!
    The stanouts for me though all from the platinum line
    Dry shampoo
    Hot spray (flat iron spray)
    Finishing spray 26
    And Texure Taffy (just don't eat it) lol..

    My go to product
    Paul Mitchell skinny serum. Can't live without it!

    Favorite deep conditioner
    Silk elements moisturizing. (don't get the mayonnaise, it sucks!) I get this at Sally beauty.. Little goes a looong way.

    Skin favorites
    Glo pharmaceuticals
    High quality very concentrated
    Best cleanser for normal to oily...
    Purifying gel cleanser. Seriously use a tiny dot, a bottle lasts forever!
    Love my oil of olay moisturizer. It's cheap, but non greasy, full spectrum SPF, light, and it does the job.
    I have two scrubs that I am loving right now for my clients. One is the pumpkin enzyme and the other is brightening polish. Both Glo..


    Mineral faves
    Glo eyeshadow trio goes on smooth and lasts. (so uncommon with most mineral)
    The powder is really nice too if you wear it. (I usually don't need powder or liquid foudation) but it has great light buildable coverage.
    The eyeliners are really soft and blend able, but they don't bleed.
    They have a water and sweat resistant mascara that is really good and not torture to take off (more natural looking)
    Mascara for me is anything from L'oreal.. (did you know lancome makes l'oreal?) and lancome has the best selling mascara? The difference? About $15 a tube :)
    I love Victorias secret glosses. Again it's the smells! Mmmm can you tell I am dieting?
    Now for stage and photography makeup.. Cinema secrets hands down. Love the foundation. Comes in tiny pots and is super concentrated. Goes on so nice. Finish with their loose powder and you get a flawless finish. Also they have the best brushes money can buy. I have had mine for years.

    In my gym bag...
    Kenra platinum color care shampoo and mango butter moisturizer
    Kenra platinum dry shampoo
    Paul Mitchell skinny serum
    Paul Mitchell freeze and shine hair spray
    Glo clear complexion pads (like old school oxy pads, but actually good) and you can cut them in half.
    Olay daily facials
    Glo body bronzer, I mix it with regular lotion for a perfect amour of color and shimmer.

    I think that's it for now, I'm sure I will add to it as I discover new faves!
  2. stephm2010

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    Oh my goodness I forgot one of the most important favorites... My babyliss pro 1" flat iron. It's the best! Nothing else I have tried can beat it. That's all :)
  3. spa_68

    spa_68 Member

    That's good info! I have a GHD that may be on it's last leg. How does the babybliss compare with GHD?

  4. cathymp

    cathymp Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's quite a list and is VERY much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. stephm2010

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    Ghd is an awesome iron. Can't go wrong there, but I still like the babyliss better. Here is some info on it..


    Heats up to* 450 degrees Fahrenheit (great for giving or maintaining Keratin treatments)
    Nano titanium plates conduct heat and maintain stability temperatures
    Digital ionic technology emits negative ions that create smoothness and shine
    Slim design (great for getting close to your roots)
    Ultra light weight
    Swivel power cord
    Extra long 5" plates (allow you to straighten large sections)
    4 year limited warranty

    The standouts for me
    1. It has a thinner profile. Makes it great for straightening and curling and getting really close to the head.
    2. The plates are extra long so long hair doesn't "spill out" of the sides. And you can do more hair in less time
    3. No drag at all
    4. Can't really beat the 4 year warranty.

    I know I just repeated everything that the info above said, but that just sounds a little sales pitchy.. Lol.. These are the reasons I like it...
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  6. mlittle21

    mlittle21 Mandy Moo!

    Thank you for the list!!

    My stylist is trying to get me to trash my Chi for this iron, since it doesn't have a heat adjustment. I can't trash an iron I spent $100 on.
  7. stephm2010

    stephm2010 In Motion

    eBay? Lol.. Seriously though if it's damaging your hair it's not worth it, if not, and your happy with it then no need to replace :) I do agree with your stylist though. This iron is so much better than any other in this price point.
  8. jamistar77

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    Steph, This is so funny! I was just thinking about what type of cleanser I was going to buy next. I was wanting to switch things up a little. I normally use mary kay.. then I go back to philosophy. I think my next purchase will be the Glo cleanser. :)

    Hi Mandy! Long time no talk! <3
  9. mlittle21

    mlittle21 Mandy Moo!

    Jami!!!!!!!!! Where the heck have you been????
  10. pinkgloves

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    Steph...what stores sell that makeup?? thanks :wave:
  11. stephm2010

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    Hi :hi: I think you can only find it in salons and spas or online..

    It's good stuff. I love it :) smells yummy too.
  12. stephm2010

    stephm2010 In Motion

    Adding my Clarisonic. Amazing
  13. Jen2goal

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    I love threads like this! I'm an all-natural girl, so my EO Lemon Hand Sanitizer is always in my gym bag. :)

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