Adrenal Fatigue

Discussion in 'Health & Beauty' started by fluteangel, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. fluteangel

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    One of the most mis-diagnosed illnesses we have today. Good reading:

    That's extremely comprehensive. A shorter article:

    And of course:

    This is not an isolated thiing only affecting hypothyroid patients: anyone can have it!
  2. Inatic

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    Dr;s Lowe and Dr Lam also have a lot of info on adrenal fatigue on their sites too.
  3. Phoenix461

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    Thanks for this post - very informative. I am beginning to think I might be suffering from adrenal fatigue based on the symptoms. I will definitely see an endocrinologist now.
  4. jen@asuit2remember

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    Great info! Thanks for sharing.
  5. sandi

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    Not to discount anything posted in the article, but all those same symptoms could be accounted for by a)depression/anxiety, or b)overtraining. Sometimes there are no 'magic bullets' in medicine. Sometimes we have to listen to our bodies when they are stressed, rather than keep pushing towards a competition/certain body weight/fitness goal.

    A little anecdote...I had a friend diagnosed by a homeopathic physician with 'adrenal fatigue', after being told all her tests were normal by 2 different endocrinologists. (Keep in mind this was after 2+ years of near-constant competition prep, most of it on a high cardio plan with a keto diet). She underwent therapy with chelation, compounded medications, etc, etc. Initally, she was feeling better....then she rapidly got worse. She ended up in the hospital for 4 days for thyrotoxicosis and acute renal failure, induced by all these homeopathic treatments and compounded medications.
  6. Jen

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    Wow. ! Is your friend ok now?
    I am a firm believer in what you said (that I highlighted). Health first. Sadly I see too many girls push themselves to places that harm the body and health.
  7. sandi

    sandi IFBB FITNESS PRO!!!!!

    Yes, she is! Psychologically, it took her a while to get over the 'perfect body' mindset. She had to step away from the competitive figure world completely, as that was the only way she could get over the dysmorphia that caused her to go down that path of overdieting/overtraining. She's now doing 5K's and half-marathons and physically/psychologically in a MUCH better place.

    Not to digress too much and get off the original topic here, but I sometimes wonder if competitive fitness/figure ATTRACTS people with body dysmorphia/eating disorders...or if it CREATES them. Probably a little of both. Anyway, I think finding balance in it all is a much bigger accomplishment than winning shows. Some of the happiest, most centered competitors I know have never even won a local show.
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  8. Jen

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    Im glad your friend is ok :) She sounds in a much better place.
    I do believe that this industry attracts those with pre-exsisting dieting rollercoasters. It can be, if one lets it, a form of disordered dieting and body issues. I really think one's mindset is the key to success (not winning) but success in finding the joy and balance you speak of. I dont ever understand why someone would want to compete and put themselves through severe diet and training preps, only causing more physcological issues that arise. There is a better way, I think we both know that. :) You CAN compete and have that balance in life, mentally and physically.
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    Strongly agree with the bolded statements!! :thumb:

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