Awesome Enchiladas

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    Ingredients: 1 pound ground beef -- (1 to
    1 pkg or can enchilada
    sauce or mix -- prepared
    1 green onion
    1 cup cheddar cheese
    4 eggs
    1/4 cup heavy cream
    1 teaspoon butter

    How To Prepare: Start the beef browning over
    medium heat. Break eggs
    into mixing bowl and add
    cream. Beat on high speed
    till well blended and all
    yellow. Heat up crepe pan
    or small skillet and add
    some of the butter. You will
    need to rebuttter the pan
    several times. Pour just
    enough egg mixture over
    the pan to coat. Allow to
    cook through, you may turn
    it, but dont have to. This will
    make approx 6 small
    crepes. Drain ground beef
    and add a small amount of
    sauce. Place a crepe inside
    a baking dish and coat with
    small amount of sauce. Add
    beef and roll. When all are
    rolled add remaining beef
    and sauce. Sprinkle
    chopped green peppers
    and cheese. Bake 350 for
    10-15 min or until cheese
    melted and a little bubbly.
    Serve with favorite fixins like
    sour cream, lettuce, olives
    guacamole, etc.

    Carbs per serving - include all nutritional information if known: 6g carbs total

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