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    now keep in mind i havent actually made these w/ the substitutions, but PattyNY from o2 helped me clean this recipe up a whole lot! can't wait to try them this summer when crab meat goes on sale

    Suzie’s Crab Cakes

    1lb lump crab meat
    ½ C Italian bread crumbs-- grind up Ezikiel bread, season with garlic, oregano, and basil
    2 egg whites
    ¼ C mayo (lowfat)-->sub with plain yogurt and mustard mixture
    ¼ teas salt
    ¼ teas pepper
    1 teas worcesterchire
    1 teas dry mustard

    Mix everything except crab meat.
    Add crab and mix with hands very lightly – trying not to break up crab.
    Form into patties.

    Flour patties (grind oats into a flour) and sauté in pan with olive oil & butter mixture on medium/high heat.
    Spray with olive oil and broil in oven to make it crispy and “light” – not sure how long to broil for. Or you can just bake in oven

    Makes 6 good size cakes.

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