Belgian Waffles

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    Ingredients: no itemized ingredients
    no itemized ingredients
    How To Prepare: All you need to do is to use
    the recipe for the Atkins diet
    rolls and pour about one
    cup-one and a half
    cup(depending on how fluffy
    want it) of the batter onto the
    waffle iron. you usually have
    to let it cook
    for a little longer so it gets
    golden brown (just check it
    occasionally or
    when steam stops). they
    are pretty good with just
    butter and cinnamon sugar.
    I think it may make about 2
    belgian waffles.
    No counts provided. See
    recipe for Atkins Diet
    Revolution Rolls
    for counts.
    Carbs per serving - include all nutritional information if known: no counts provided

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