Best bikini for bodytype?

Discussion in 'Health & Beauty' started by fluteangel, May 23, 2009.

  1. fluteangel

    fluteangel Well-Known Member

    How do I figure out which cut of bikini would look good on my body?

    I'm 5'3" with an hourglass shape, but I think I have a torso that's on the shorter side. I saw this bikini: And think it's really pretty, but I'm wondering if the low cut of the bikini bottoms will make my hips look wider, or if the triangle isn't good for a small chest?

    How do I figure out what looks good on me? I grew up wearing 1-pc. so I have no references :) THere are pics of me in my journal.
  2. kirstny

    kirstny Well-Known Member

    VERY cute suit!

    But, I am really bad at figuring out the best cut for a particular body type.
    I hear triangle tops can be good for small chests?

    Um, yeah, I'm clueless. But wanted to make sure you got a response!
  3. mackie

    mackie With my hero, Brigitte Gabriel

    Oh! I love the back view of that top!
    I think its a matter of opinion and personal preference, for the most part.

    I agree with Kirstny. I think triangle tops can look very good with small breasts (if that's what you meant by chest). I have no idea... I haven't checked out your breasts/chest. Really. :lol:

    IMO your "shorter" torso should be fine with the low-cut or "hipster" bottoms. Sometimes, on a woman with a long torso & short legs... the low-riders will emphasize that. So I suppose its up to the individual if that's something she wants to emphasize or not.

    Whether they will make your hips look wider, depends on your entire shape/package... not just the width of your hips.

    I would go into some stores and try on a several styles (even if I don't like the exact styles/details/prices/etc) to get an idea of what I like. You can always order online after you're sure you like a particular cut/style on yourself.

    Happy shopping!
  4. Gnat

    Gnat Well-Known Member

    This is me to a tee. I need a high cut bikini bottom. I am finding one VERY hard to find, though. All the ones I have found are low-cut/hipsters :tantrum: Anyone know of anywhere they sell nice high cuts? I am actually considering having one custom made...just need the $$ :sad:

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