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Discussion in 'Competitors Corner' started by JodiShep, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. JodiShep

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    Are there any bikini/sports model competitors out there? I would love to hear your comp tips and some challenges you have faced. I am in my first season of competition, i was fortunate enough to place 3rd at my first comp (ANB Sports Model division) however, i have struggled with my diet being low carb and my trainer (who is WELL RESPECTED in this industry) telling my to deplete 14 days out, i dod deplete a little and broke out in ulcers and cold sores, i then thought there has to be another way, so the last 4 weeks i have gone back to what i believe to be a healthy diet with carbs!!! I feel better and i think i look better than what i did last time around. I would love to hear your stories and your training regimes!!! I do cardio nearly everyday and im so over it!!!!
  2. Scarl3tbutt3rfly

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    Hey there!

    That sounds horrible, the sores and all that :( There are a couple people on here that compete bikini, at least 1 I know of that still posts. Most people on these forums actually don't compete. Just train to look hot in and of itself :)

    Glad to hear you are looking for a healthier way to your goals! Sometimes "well respected" doesn't mean a whole lot in this industry, unfortunately :( :nonono:
  3. Texaschick

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    Hi there! Yeah, I've had a "respected" coach take away everything except egg whites, turkey, & asparagus. Even chicken was too high in fat. But I have since learned you Can compete without being totally carb depleted. My last competition diet was a very balanced combo of protein, carbs, fats, & lots of good veggies, but the cardio about killed me (3 hrs a day, 6 days a week). I don't know that I'll compete anymore, but I do want to look like I could :)
  4. stephm2010

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    That is just sad :( I hope you are eating more now.
  5. Inatic

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    it never ceases to amaze me how darn dumb some 'coaches' are. Im so sorry you had to endure that. :hug:
  6. tracy1926

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    Good place to be.
  7. Runrooney

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    Girl. You don't have to do that much cardio! It is a shame to see beautiful people like you get taken advantage of. it makes exercise not fun anymore. You can look awesome with some guidance. The right kind of guidance! You need balance so you can have a normal life with exercise part of it, but not obsessive. It is possible.:)

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