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    (for 2 people)


    1/4 of avocado

    4 tortillases of corn

    6 whites of egg

    2 polpettines of sausage of soy

    ready sauce of tomato

    1 shallot, minced


    To peel the avocado, to cut him/it to dadini and to put aside it. To wind the tortillases with some aluminum paper and to put her in oven to 170° to heat her; to prepare, in the meantime, the eggs and the sausage. In a frying pan antiaderente or in a greasy frying pan slightly, to crumble the polpettines of sausage and to cook her to middle-tall flame, to mix only that so much that all it takes is for making to uniformly cook the sausages. To remove the sausages from the fire, to put her in a covered container and to leave to rest her. To polish up the frying pan with a sheet of paper from kitchen, to again anoint the frying pan and to put again her/it on the fire. To beat the whites of egg with a fork and to pour the mixture in the warm frying pan. To cook them, often mixing, up to that the eggs are not maltreated. To take two dishes and to put you two tortillases on each. Above to the tortillases, to put, on every flat, a half the sausage, of the whites of egg and the avocado. to Cover the all with the minced shallot and the sauce of tomato and to roll up the tortillases around the stuffing.

    Analysis Nutrizionale for every portion:

    Calories: 310

    Proteins: 33 grams

    Fat: 5 grams

    Carbohydrates: 36 grams
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    Yummy, thank you Fresh. :clap:
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