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  1. 3sweeties

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    I have just had a cousin die of cancer this month and another lady at church is fighting cancer...and the list goes on of people I know who are battling this. I've been having a mini meltdown and have been trying to read credible sources on nutrition and cancer. I've read some of his stuff saying that glucose feeds cancer and we should aim to increase the good fats in our diet and decrease our carbs.

    I was wondering if anyone else has done research that if they could point me to because I usually like a good amount of carbs after a workout. I don't know how one can fuel their workouts on such low carbs, but ultimately I'm more concerned with my overall health than my appearance.
  2. OneMadMonkey

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    I'm under the impression that everything causes cancer. And I'm not really sure there's a way to prevent anything besides lung and skin cancer. I have a family full of cancer, and there's been no rhyme or reason for any of them. It seems very random.
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    im sorry for your losses.

    I dont really have the answer but I understand your fears.
  4. 3sweeties

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    Thanks guys. I don't have anyone in my immediate family that has had cancer. My cousin was my mom's half sister's son. There is so much information/misinformation out there it is hard wading through all of it.
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    Don't smoke, don't muck about with asbestos or radioactive materials, cover up under the sun, check yourself for lumps and moles and keep on top of anything unusual, don't drink to excess, eat a balanced diet

    Enjoy life, we only get one, it can't be consumed by what if's

    The rest is up to fate

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