Cherry (or other fruit) Cream Cheese

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    I whipped this up one day when craving pastries and it is really good.

    Dip 2 slices Nature's Own Wheat and Fiber Bread (7g carbs each) into this mixture:

    4 egg whites
    1/8 tsp vanilla
    almond extract (few drops)
    maple extract (few drops)
    Cinnamon to taste
    1 pkt Splenda (I tried this with Stevia and it does not come out as good)

    Cook in a non-stick pan sprayed with PAM. Top with (split between the two slices):

    1 tsp Smart Balance buttery spread (has Omegas and stuff... )
    1 tbsp neufchatel cheese
    1 tbsp All fruit (I used cherry, but any will work)

    A little sugar-free maple syrup on the side is good for dipping.. I end up using less than 1/16c, which is like 5 calories.

    Nutritional Info:
    Appr 300 calories
    8g fat (3g saturated fat)
    27g carbs (LOTS of fiber)
    27g protein

    Enjoy!! It's not totally 100% clean/unprocessed, but it's good and fairly good for you.

    (If you make this with orange all-fruit, try subbing a few drops orange extract in the egg white mixture instead of maple extract.)

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