Chocolate soft serve Ice cream

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    Found this on another board and thought it looked interesting.If someone tries it..let us know what you think

    Chocolate soft serve ice cream

    1 scoop ON chocolate whey (I'm sure any good-tasting chocolate whey will do the trick, but the ON tastes really good)
    1/4 cup lowfat cottage cheese
    1/4 cup water
    Extra splenda to taste (I tossed in some brown sugar-twin, too!)
    handful of ice cubes

    Blend until it's thick and creamy.

    If I can get my hands on some malt, this would taste exactly like a malted milkshake.

    Okay, I'm editing this in because I refined the process and worked out the macros.

    For each "serving" of ice cream, you'll need the following:

    1 scoop (I used ON) chocolate whey
    1/4 cup cottage cheese
    1/2 cup H2O (either all water, or half water half ice if you can't wait)
    2 frozen strawberries
    2 level teaspoons Splenda
    1 level teaspoon brown Sugar Twin

    I made up a triple batch in the blender with water, then froze the whole thing in a large (750 ml - basically 3-cups) cottage cheese container, which it filled. When it was "mushy but not entirely frozen", I took it out and food-processed it.


    I think the best thing would be to make it up as a batch in an ice-cream machine, which I don't have but am GOING to get.

    The macros, per "serving", NOT COUNTING the extra bullsh!t carbs from the extra sweetener…

    32 g protein
    9 g carb
    2 g fat
    162 calories
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    this sounds sooooo good. im gonna have to try this
  3. JackieRTP

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    Is that recipe for 1 serving?
  4. Strive2Define

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    Well, seeing as the recipe says for each "serving" you'll need....
    I would have to assume so....that and the macros seem to be per serving.

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