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  1. dare

    dare I'm not fat...I'm pregnant!

    1) How long in advance are you moms-to-be going to be packing your hospital bag? What are you going to pack?

    2) For those of you who do not know the sex of your are you decorating the nursery? What are you all buying for clothes etc?

    We were so hoping to find out the sex of our baby, but it just wasn't cooperating enough during the ultrasound, and now I have no idea how to decorate or what to buy! I am thinking about just buying a few plain (white) jumpers etc. to last a few days and then go shopping afterwards? And decorating the nursery in neutral colors? I have no idea....I am finding this very hard! :shrug:
  2. colo1278

    colo1278 I'm growing a person!

    haha, the first question made me giggle. I am 24 weeks on thursday and am packing today. (but that's bc I have to go in, not just because I am jumping the gun!) :)

    I know I am having a girl, but I would just go pretty neutral if I were you- yellows, greens, etc. Animal themes are good for neutrals. has a good selection of bedding and you can narrow your search by gender or neutral.
  3. homeschoolmom

    homeschoolmom Well-Known Member

    I suggest packing about a month out. I wasn't ready the first time because the baby was 3 weeks early and then had a mad rush trying toget things packed in the middle of the night when my water broke. Needless to say with the subsequent babies, I packed early.
  4. Tina

    Tina Well-Known Member

    Never really considered when to pack the bag. I guess I should have one ready soon..I'm 7 months now. Was thinking of maybe having a bag ready a month before the due date.

    For baby:
    2 sleepers ( I think I really only need one for when it's time to go home)
    an under sleeper thingy
    a hat
    really warm thick blanket - not sure how the weather will be at the end of March.
    - the car seat!
    The hospital provides a lot for the baby but I think I will pack some new born diapers just in case.

    Packing For Me:
    Comfy PJ's and/or comfortable clothes, (things that will keep me warm, because I 'm always cold)
    A Nursing bra
    A nice smelling shower gel..for when I get to take a shower after the baby is born so I can feel a bit more refreshed/comfortable.
    lip balm - I heard that your lips can get really dry
    PADS - I believe they still provide them for you in the hospital I'm going to, along with diapers and things but it might be good to have just in case.

    We don't know the sex, but our babies room is a light blue colour. If this is your first, I don't think you really have to buy that many clothes'll probably get a shower, and people LOVE to buy baby clothes. Just make sure you have the basics..sleepers, undershirts, hats.. For the sleepers I just bought white or things that looked gender neutral. After the babe is born if I don't have enough, I'll buy my pink or blue. :)
  5. MicheleSC

    MicheleSC Currently doing nothing

    1) I think the first time I had my bag packed about a month out, but I ended up being induced, so I had time to add to it. With my second, it was a couple of weeks before my due date and I still hadn't packed it, but I ended up with a scheduled c so I had time to pack again. FOr baby, just buy onesies in neutral colors. You won't really be leaving the house much and those are comfortable and easy to change. You can buy more after the baby is here or you may even get some gifts of clothing for the baby when people find out.

    2) With my daughter, they said we were having a girl, but that it was still early to be sure(I was about 16-17 weeks pregnant). I was safe and decorated the nursery in something gender neutral - the John Lennon-themed stuff with little animals drawings he had done and it was predominately yellow and blue. With my second I knew it was a boy, but I didn't want any of the traditional babyish looking nursery stuff. I made the window treatment and bumper pads myself using graphic prints and something like that can be used for a boy or a girl. Target online has some by Babylicious that have the graphic prints with different colors. There are also themes like jungle animals or Noah's Ark or anything with a variety of colors that can be for a boy or a girl.
    Here are 2 of the fabrics that I used: I also used a smaller dot pattern, but I couldn't find a scan of that one. The crib we have is mostly natural colored wood with a darker stained accent.

    I used this stripe vertically.

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  6. KatieB

    KatieB Fake It Until You Make It

    I would pack most of the bag a month or so out, just in case - but remember, you will probably have time to pack before you go and you can always send DH to the house if you forget something(s) - it's nice to have everything in the house though to make it easier.

    We're not doing a nursery this time - we have 3 bedrooms, but the 3rd is an office and we prefer it that way. We're going to set up the crib and stuff in our room and then when the baby is old enough s/he can move in with our oldest until we buy a house. I found a lot of the stuff we got the first time around really unnecessary and want to keep it lighter this time - no changing table, no extra furniture - just a bassinet, a crib, and maybe a glider for our bedroom. BUT, neutral colors work - greens, yellows, beige, white - if you like primary colors, those can work too.
  7. KatieB

    KatieB Fake It Until You Make It


    Having to constantly ask for them in the hospital is really annoying and not worth the trouble imo. Last time I had no idea I would even need them (don't know how I missed that part but I did lol) so I had to rely on the nurses, and they would give you like 10 when you get into your room and then you have to ask for more - 10 doesn't really last long. I'm going to bring a huge package of them with me this time so I don't have to deal with asking.

    :D And my own ibuprofen bc it's annoying being told when to take pills - they would bring them to me like I was ill or in an old folks' home...
  8. Tina

    Tina Well-Known Member

    Any other tips on what to pack for the hospital?
  9. dare

    dare I'm not fat...I'm pregnant!

    I've been searching this, and asked one of my girlfriends who not too long ago had her baby. Here's what she said to bring (and what I am packing):

    -PJ's for you (preferably dark colors as you may get it dirty w/ blood etc)

    -Dark underware (she said to even get a couple of high 'grannie' case of a C-section, so the underware won't rub on the incision)

    -Lots of pads
    -Your own pillow (if you prefer)
    -Nursing pillow
    -toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush/paste, makeup, hair stuff)
    -Witch hazel (for if you have an episiotomy..sp?)
    -magazines etc
    -phone list (so you can call everyone & tell them the great news!)
    -socks or slippers
    -nursing bra
    -nursing pads
    -outfit for you to go home in (I'm just bringing sweat pants & a tee shirt!)

    For baby:
    -car seat
    I'm packing a small diaper bag with:
    rec. blankets

    That's the start of my list.....I might be missing stuff, but I'll add to it as I go!
  10. liberty

    liberty Active Member

    SLIPPERS!!!!and some flip flops for the shower, hospital floors are nasty germy places.

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