Cupboards & Pantry :) Time to clean house.....

Discussion in 'Beginner Training & Nutrition' started by IDoYouToo, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. IDoYouToo

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    Hi. I just got my plan and am wondering.....what do i do with the stuff in my cupboards and pantry that will never make it to my plan OR am i thinking wrong and there are possibilities that mini marshmallows would some day, remember i said some day, make it on my plan........ummmm I am thinking that i would not put them on my plan so my...ummm....derriere will stop looking like one :)

    Anyways when you started with your plan what did you do with all your "non plan compliant food"?

    Thanks much
  2. Inatic

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    Its been YRRRRRRRRRRR for me and my house is full of non compliant stuff due to 3 sons and hubby. I just choose not to eat it.

    Anyone else in the house eating it?
    Eventually you can do subs or have a free meal here and there, if it will keep, then keep it.
    If it is something you KNOW you have no control then perhaps best to get rid of it.

    Its always a choice to eat something or not, so realize you are just choosing not to eat it now........
  3. IDoYouToo

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    Thanks Ileen.
    Yes there is me and dh but he is on board with the new lifestyle/leaf we are turning over so if it goes he won't care and if he wants something not on plan he knows how to go to the store and get it. That said i like your advice, if i know i can't have it, when the time comes, i will dump it on the floor, that way it HAS to go into the trash - lol - really though I want to learn how to get a grip on myself and to know how to deal with/manage what life throws at me that changes my mood/emotions, besides it's not like i can go out somewhere and start dumping things on the floor, other people might not like that too much ;)
    I know this new lifestyle will be about change and getting to know myself better, why do i do the things i do when i do them etc etc etc and how to "manage" the outcomes differently.

    Appreciate your feedback!!

    Cheers!! :)

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