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  1. Holz

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    This is so upsetting.

    I have to throw away about a half dozen because I have removed them from the original packaging and don't know whether or not they were from the recalled lot. I shop at Walmart and Stater Bros here in Southern California.

    I've thought about raising my own chicks, but you don't even know if the chicks are safe these days. Is anything really safe? What about companies like Eggwhites International or Lana's Eggwhites? Where do they get their eggs? At least we know they are pasteurized and tested. Probably a good alternative right now.

    What a mess!!

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  2. Inatic

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    i had a bunch of eggs we ate from walmart and cant throw them out of UP lol... non of us were sick though..

    I hate carton eggwhites :puke:
  3. Anca

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    I eat so many egg whites every week that I buy my eggs at Costco (the big 6 dozen pack cartons). :lol: They last me exactly 2 weeks which is how often we shop there. I don't think they were on the bad egg list??
  4. glassmmam

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    Do they know for sure that if the eggs are cooked properly that you'd still get sick?

    So many peeps nowadays eat raw cookie dough, raw eggs in smoothies, over easy/under cooked eggs. Then they get sick ...

    I threw out my carton too before checking the name and had an upset tummy two days in a row (6 EW eaten both days) but wasn't sure if it was the eggs that caused my distress or the 3 jello-mousse thingys ...

    Finished up my last EW muffins today but will NOT be having the jello. I figure if I'm still "fine" by 2:00 then it wasn't the eggs that made me ill - sorry Jello Co.

    I have a buddy who raises his own chix and sells the eggs ($2/doz) They are basically organic, but he does give them antibiotic shots as they lost their first batch of chix to disease, and the vet recommended being nice to the animals and keeping them healthy.
  5. glassmmam

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    Yea - my eggs were fine!

    Boooo - 3 Jell-O brand chocolate mousse treats at one time is Bad!

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