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    I have a friend who had a baby this year and she's stuggling with a lot of things. As I've never had a baby, I'm looking for a little advice for her as she's looking for advice from me! She was very very athletic before the baby and was not happy to be pregnant, though I'm sure she's thrilled with her son now.

    Here's her direct email:

    Okay, so I have been working on the "postpartum" issues and I just wanted to know what you think about what I am doing. Since I have been needing some motivation, I have been taking some classes at the gym just to mix things up a bit. My gym has the Les Mills classes, so I have been doing Body Attack 2x/ week (a kick- butt cardio class) and I have added Body Pump 2x/ week. Each of those classes is an hour long. On the days that I do pump, I am also doing 30 min. of extra cardio. I was also doing yoga once or twice a week, but recently had to switch gyms and I don't like the instructor, so I am not sure if that will stick or not. Basically it ends up being that I work out weights and cardio 4-5x/week. What comments do you have on that?

    I was also wondering if you ever have to deal with seeing other people at your gym that make you feel insignificant and how you deal with that. It can be in any way from the matching workout clothes to their muscle tone or whatever.

    So here is to trying to answer your questions. My goals: mainly to get back to the size I was (I can't afford to purchase new clothes!), but I would also like to have a bit more tone and definition. I have only been in the Body Pump class for a couple weeks, but I think I am going to like what happens when it starts. I am starting to see more muscle in my legs already, but the arms are going to take some time. I really need to target the inside of my legs, but I have never had much success with that. Any suggestions? There is always an abs segment of the classes, but I feel like I do better to do ab work on a stability ball. When I am on the floor I can't focus the muscles the right way; especially my obliques.
    About the eating part of this. In paying attention to what I eat, I take in a lot of carbs for 2 reasons. 1) they help with milk production for nursing and 2) they are easy on my grocery budget. We are also eating a lot of rice and stir- fry veggies because it is cheap! Do you have any suggestions as to foods to eat/ avoid that won't break the budget,or as to an eating schedule?
    Thanks so much for your encouragement! It get hard to stay motivated when other people around you are always amazed at what I do because they do nothing at all and I feel like it is never enough!​

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    When did she have her baby? How far away is she from her pre-pregnancy weight?

    Body Pump is a high rep, low weight type of class...added with the amount of cardio she's doing probably isn't going to help her much if she wants definition.

    How many calories is she eating per day? She might be eating too much, but if she is nursing and doing that much cardio, there's the possibility she might not be eating enough to see any weight loss.
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    Her son was born 6 months ago. SHe's at 5'9" and 158 right now, not sure of her pre-pregnancy weight. She's also not sure of her calories, but she did give me a general idea of what she eats:

    I am not sure about the number of calories a day, but here is a general idea of what I eat(unfortunately, it does not vary much): Breakfast- 1 cup of coffee with nsa creamer and splenda, small bowl of cereal with skim milk or 2 eggs with toast and margarine (2 tbs or less). Until dinner, the rest of the day is usually snacks: Fiber One bars, crackers with natural pb, apples, frozen fruit with lite whipped cream, biscotti(only because I recently made some as an experiment. I don't normally have that in the house). Dinners: whole wheat spaghetti w/o meat, green beans, home made veggie pizza with whole wheat crust, stir fry veggies/ rice cooked in evoo/ sesame oil for flavor, chicken noodle soup w/o chicken. ( we are not buying a lot of meat these days and even when we did, I do not eat beef or pork.) When I go out to eat I usually eat salad with dressing on the side so it does not get over done (sunday I ate a large greek salad with only 1/3 of the dressing they gave me).
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    Hello guys I was thinking what type of work out is secure for a couple of several weeks post partum? What are some workouts that will help take away the pooch?Thanks!
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    I would say she needs more protein in her diet. More protein will help her build that muscle she desires and in turn she could burn more fat! Just a thought!!
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    Continued breastfeeding can also help in losing weight. You could have soya by products like tofu, that will be a much cheaper alternate for meat. Also a very good source of protein that can help her build up the muscles she wanted back.
  7. Inatic

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    LBF and MMT do not advocate soy use. It can impair hormone status and thyroid
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    Workout DVD's for weight loss

    She's definitely on the right track, seems like she's motivated to stay active and also try out different things which is definitely the stepping stone to weight loss. If she likes the Les mills classes at the gym then maybe she can try the Les Mills workout DVD's that Beachbody sells! That way she won't get annoyed by her instructor or have to worry about seeing other people at the gym like she mentioned. And BONUS for new mothers, you never have to leave the house! It's like having a personal instructor ( for less cost). I would recommend trying out the Les Mills Combat or Les Mills Pump Deluxe. I've only done the pump deluxe and i've seriously never had a better workout in my life. The routine specifically targets different muscles and changes with each workout so your muscles never get used to a certain workout, this means you're going to see results much more quickly. ( Which could also be why she's having trouble losing the baby weight, gotta switch up the workouts!) Hope this advice is helpful for your friend, wishing her the best of luck! :) I know how frustrating it can be.
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    I would also like to know best work out for this plight?

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