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  1. MaryBeth

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    OK. I just bid on one of these suckers. The gym I'm trying out has two of these and Matt and I are having so much fun!! We were on there for almost an hour before we realized the time. And it kicks your ass. :whipped:

    It tracks RPM, Speed, HR, Placement, etc...and it also has music you can plug your headphones in and change at any time. It even has 30 "gears" and the handlebars you have to steer! It rocked!! If you ever get the opportunity to use one, I'll highly recommend it. The only downfall is that you can't stand and pedal while you go uphill.

    If you are a biker, this is the closest thing to the real thing (road biking, anyhow).

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    That looks neat!
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    There is an American body Works gym right across the street from my house that evidently has those bikes.

    might have to try it just to see what its like :lol:

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