Fat? Bloated? Tight? What's it all mean???

Discussion in 'Diet, Nutrition and Supplements' started by liz jennings, Apr 11, 2013.

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    I feel pretty dumb asking this question bc I consider myself to be somewhat educated on diet issues and blah blah blah, so I should know the answer to this. But I don't. Lol. Help me. :)

    I'm a little over two weeks out from a show, so I'm fairly lean. But when I wake up in the morning, my usually visible veins are gone and I think I look "fat." Now I'm not really "fat," I know that. But I don't understand what I'm seeing in the morning. Is this what it means to be "bloated"? I've probably slacked on my evening water intake, so I guess it could be water retention or some shit. Lol. I dunno. I just have a really hard time learning how to "read" my body. I can't pinpoint what "feeling tight", "flat", or "bloated" looks or feels like. Dumb, like I said. Is feeling a pump the same as tight? Thank god none of you actually know me-- I'd be completely embarrassed by my own "duhhhh"-ness. :)
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    I am typically the same way. I have a hard time knowing how to read my body. What I'm currently doing to learn on my mini cut is this:

    Of course I am tracking everything I eat, also 1st thing in the morning is use the bathroom then take a picture of myself and make a note as too how I feel..(lean, bloated, normal,..etc) Then you start to compare and analyze your pictures with what you ate and how you felt. I've noticed I usually over do my fiber intake and in combo with that If I have a lot of wheat before bed I'll be bloated. If I have potatoes (yukon) I feel normal.

    I hope this helps lol not that it's an answer but more of a method to help you read your body better.

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