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Discussion in 'Mindless Banter' started by fluteangel, Jul 10, 2009.

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    So I'm travelling to NYC for a convention and I'm uber excited about it! I have to travel on my birthday, which sucks but other than that, it's going to be a great trip. I've been twice and felt like I didn't really get to experience NYC both times - there's so much to see and do! So, to you New Yorkers out there, or to anyone who's had experience in NYC (I'm staying at the Marriott in Manhattan Times Square), or even anyone who's had much experience travelling I'd LOVE your advice or suggestions on this stuff:

    Best place to book my plane ticket? Going to LaGuardia, I presume?

    Transportation once I get there: subway a good option or cab really better? Looking to save money as much as possible.

    I'll be really busy at the convention but if I'm able to break away for a few hours, what should I DEFINITELY see in the way of shopping or other stuff? (already seen the Empire, Macy's, Tiffany's, Ground Zero and Statue of Liberty). If I want to look at buying some great clothes but at a reasonable price, where to go? What about ridiculous priced stuff just for the heck of fit?

    RESTAURANTS! Let's talk food: where should I go? I'm assuming I'll still be on a plan that week so if I don't take my food with me, what are my best options for staying on plan? And for cheat meal, where should I definitely check out? I know there are TONS of great options and anyone who's anyone gets their start in NYC, but there are so many options, I don't know where to start! I've heard of this cupcake place, a monstrous cookie bakery, the PB&Co restaurant, Bobby Flay's place....where to start?

    Oh, and anything else helpful that I might have missed. Thanks!
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    I'm not a New Yorker, but I was there a little while ago on holiday.

    There is a guy called Erik who looks like Mr. T that works at that hotel. He hangs out at an Irish bar called Mean Fiddler near Times Square. I'm not sure why I know this.

    LaGuardia is closer to Manhattan than JFK.

    The subway is really easy to get around on and cheap. Cabs aren't that expensive though either as everything is fairly close.

    Can't help you with shopping, but the view from the top of the Rockefeller Center is awesome, and there was no queue to get up there, unlike the Empire State building. Plus you can see the Empire State building from the Rockefeller Center.

    I can't remember the names of anywhere I ate, I just looked on google maps for somewhere near where ever I happened to be :)

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    Don't know if you're trip is done and over with but as a NYer and art lover I certainly suggest the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) even if you're not an art lover it is a GREAT and fun place! Admission is suggested...but any donation used to get you in & prob still does. Just hanging out on the huge front steps of the museum and people watching is fun. It's right on 5th Ave & 81st and borders Central Park. You can walk through Central Park, there's always lots going on in the summer, street muscians, skaters, boaters, etc. Shopping for bargains? Loehmans, Century 21, are fun.
    Walking around SoHo, Canal St., Little Italy, and Chinatown is fun too. You'll find everything from street vendors selling knock offs (which i don't advise - but bargain if you do buy!!) to super pricey boutiques in SoHo (stands for south of Houston Street).

    Getting around, streets run north to south, figure 20 blocks is about a mile - so from 42nd street and Lexington Av to 82nd and Lex is about 4 miles. Avenues run East to West and those blocks are longer.

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