Had my ultrasound today!!

Discussion in 'Fitness & Pregnancy' started by dare, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. dare

    dare I'm not fat...I'm pregnant!

    :D :D :D and I can't stop smiling!!!!!!!! Omg, it was the most AMAZING thing in the world to see that little baby in there!!!

    I wasn't expecting the emotion I felt & the amazement when the u/s tech turned that screen around & I seen the baby in there for the first time....WOW is all I can say. Up until this point I haven't really felt all that pregnant, except for the exception of a few little kicks here & there from the baby the past couple of weeks...but when I seen that little body in there squirming and moving around... it was absolutely unbelievable!!!!!

    My husband and I wanted to know the sex of the baby, so I asked the tech if she could tell what it was, so she took a look but said that it was a little tough to tell because the baby was lying on it's stomach & wouldn't move a whole lot...but she said by what she saw that she thinks it's a boy. I asked how sure she was about that, and she said that it was kind of hard to tell, but if she had to bet money on it, she said she would say it is a boy.

    So I'm excited about my new little boy!! and also a tad disapointed that the sex wasn't a little clearer......so I'm hoping she is right & that when the delivery comes that we aren't completely shocked and it ends up being a girl! LOL. I'm saying that it is a boy for now.....I guess I"ll just have to buy lots of unisex clothes/sleepers until we find out for sure on 'his' birthday!!

    I"m so freaking excited & happy!! I wish he was here already so I could hold him!!! :baby:
  2. Tina

    Tina Well-Known Member

    Awee :)

    The ultrasound is so amazing, it just makes everything seem more 'real' :)
  3. KatieB

    KatieB Fake It Until You Make It

    Was this your first U/S?

    It really is exciting - the first time I had one with my first was at about 8 weeks to look for a heartbeat and make sure everything was alright, and when I saw that tiny little fluttering heart I had a breakdown. It's the most amazing thing in the world.

    Congratulations on your little boy(?) lol!
  4. Christine_99

    Christine_99 Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Isn't the ultrasound cool? When I had mine with my son, they said he was a boy, but even with that - there have been stories where they have been wrong, so all through the rest of my pregnancy I never said for sure he was a boy. I painted his room yellow just in case and told people that nothing in life is for sure even tho we were ecstatic we were having a boy. So don't worry about the tech not being positive, it's never a for sure thing unless you have amnio. Congrats :D
  5. mcv

    mcv Blissfully Maintaining

    So happy for you!!!!
  6. dearest22

    dearest22 Member

    Congratulations!! It makes me cry just thinking about the day when I can see my baby in my tummy!! :)
  7. colo1278

    colo1278 I'm growing a person!

    How fun! I am sort of a crier anyways, but I was surprised at my waterworks when I saw the heartbeat for the first time. I have had some complications, so I have been "lucky" enough to have a few ultrasounds now. The first one, at 6 weeks was just to confirm the pg, at it just looked like a gummy bear, but even so, I cried like a baby. It really is amazing!!!

    Congrats again and have fun with the pregnancy!
  8. carisa

    carisa Member

    Congrats on your baby boy! With our son we had to get two ultrasounds done just to make sure he was indeed a boy. Boys are awesome!! I hope you have a great pregnancy.

  9. FabulouslyFit

    FabulouslyFit Member

    Congrats !!!
  10. Inatic

    Inatic Ya Gotta Wanna! Moderator

    Yup! We have 5!

  11. Carrie

    Carrie My 3 babies!!!

    Congratulations on your boy :) That's what I'm hoping for as well.
    I also had my first ultrasound last week and it was indeed amazing!!! All my symptoms had gone away and I'm still not showing so I was starting to question if I was actually pregnant....it was amazing to see that little thing in there wriggling around!!! I'm also glad I didn't have it until I was 12 weeks along because it was a surprise to see a fully formed baby :) :) Can't wait for my next one!!!
  12. theresak

    theresak Guest

    Isn't it funny how you can start to doubt being pregnant? :lol3: I had the same thing happen with my first baby. Took two pregnancy tests at home, one in the doctor's office - had the internal exam, doc confirms pregnancy. but I didn't "feel" like it until I saw his little body on the ultrasound.

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