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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Kathryn, May 3, 2006.

  1. Strive2Define

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    "-- Rachel

    Stats: 19; 5'10", 118lbs
    Goals: To be happy and healthy in all aspects of my life"

    From your stats above, it seems you could afford to eat several brownies a day.
    I'm not trying to be mean but sheesh, why are you so concerned about it with those stats?
  2. strongchick

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    If you are purging, you need to talk to your therapist ASAP. One purge can kill you.

    You don't deserve food? If I were you, I would lessen up on the food rules and ALLOW yourself to actually enjoy it. There is too much black/white thinking going on here, and if you don't allow yourself the pleasure of eating you will not recover.
  3. krispy1138

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    FYI - In Rachel's defense, she posted previously on O2 that she is trying to gain weight and asked for help in doing it in a healthy way.
  4. Erik

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    :lol: :lol:
  5. sweetpea_123

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    Thank god, I am always using a food scale or measuring cups, lol. My kids think I am nutty, but in a good way. My youngest daughter likes to help me, and sometimes she asks me if she should go on a "diet". I tell her she is already on a diet, because diet just means what you eat! . . .Then I tickle her. I don't think talking about portions and food with my kids is bad. (My mother does, though :wacko: ) But I think with obesity on the rise, its not a bad thing.
  6. CraveMuscle

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    my brother and I have made our own lunches since we were 6 since we hated the food combos she used for sandwiches (like neither one of us could stand mustard, and my mom loved it).

    anyways, she let us continue to do it as long as we generally made healthy things. we still had some junk, but she would make suggestions on "honey, you really need some fruit or veggies in there instead of just carbs".

    she tells me that the pediatrician always told her that the only thing you can't control for your kids is their bowel movements and what they eat.
  7. jaleena

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    No, it's definitely not bad. They'll learn it from somewhere, and if it's not from you, there's a good chance that what they learn is going to be screwy.

    AgKitty, I'm just chiming in that Racerunner had a really good point about the veggies. I can't order a cheat meal of chicken with Jack cheese, mashed potatoes, and veggies, followed by dessert, without getting hounded for having the veggies plain (hate slimy veggies) and no gravy on the mashed potatoes (have hated gravy since before I could spell it). You'd think the restaurant portion of cheese (4oz, minimum) and dessert would make somebody think I'm not ED, but they just focus on the small modifications.
  8. rachel.

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    FYI - In Rachel's defense, she posted previously on O2 that she is trying to gain weight and asked for help in doing it in a healthy way. [/b][/quote]
    Thank you Krispy :)

    I'm sorry, let me rephrase what I said.

    What I meant was I don't eat junk food on a regular basis and do not have scheduled cheat meals and what not. But if there is something made for me from a friend, family, etc then I'm not going to avoid it.

    I would rather gain my weight through healthier foods :) Sorry if I caused some confusion :oops: I've just lost my taste for packaged cookies and stuff thats all

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