It's Lasagna!

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    Ingredients: Spaghetti Squash (cooked)
    1 lb.Ground Chuck

    Spaghetti Sauce(9 per1/2 cup)
    Mozzarella Cheese(1 carb)
    Parmesan Cheese (1 carb)
    Cottage Cheese(5 per 1/2 cup)
    How To Prepare: Brown hamburger with onion and garlic. Add spaghetti sauce and simmer for at least 30 min. Layer in small casserole dish: Meat sauce, spaghetti squash, meat sauce, cottage cheese, mozz. cheese, parm. cheese, spaghetti squash, meat sauce, repeat cheeses. Bake at 350 until cheese has melted.
    Carbs per serving - include all nutritional information if known: Total Carbs for entire dish: 25

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