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  1. sillysarah

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    Hi All
    I'm interested to know what views peole have on kettlebell training. I live in a small country town where it seems to be the rave and everyone is doing it which is fine, me I"m happy with what I'm doing and I have tried kettlebells and enjoyed it but at the minute its not part of my training.

    So what am I exactly saying well I'm sick of people sticking their nose in and telling me that I should stop going to the gym and do kettlebells and it would improve my physique (nice to know they all care about how I look!!!) and i would look better for my next comp (even though they have no experience with anything but kettlebells). I suppose its the same old story when something new comes out everyone starts doing it and trying to convert everyone around them, me I just like doing what I do, keep my headphones on and concentrate on myself and not what everyone else is doing!!
  2. pavermama

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    First off, I don't think kettlebells is anything new...I think they've been around for quite a long's just becoming more popular because it is something different to add to your workout or whatever. If you're happy with what you're doing and you're getting results then stick with it. Keep ignoring the badgering of other people, laugh it off and have a great workout!!! As far as wanting ppls opinions of the kettlebells, I personally love them! I don't use them alone or very frequently but I do use them! I think they are fun and do mix things up a bit. I wouldn't ever try to convince someone to give everything else up and just use kettlebells. YOU do what YOU want to do.......
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    I will add my two cents worth. Agreed they have been around a while but now there are a number of folks popularizing these. Unfortunately IMO kettle bells are dangerous if you don't use correct form - same thing is of course true with DBs and barbells - but the difference is that kettle bells rely on ballistic force vs. DBs or barbells (a bit like oly lifting in this respect). IFF you are truly interested you really need to train with someone who is certified in kettle bells and the Russian school really is the best. Will it help in figure? Yes/no - good for developing solid shoulders, back, abs/core, and legs - but all of this can be developed using DBs or barbell exercises. It really all is in your program.

    A bit amusing but in my school gym kettle bells actually have been outlawed because a number of idiots broke mirrors and hurt their backs attempting to use kettle bells incorrectly. Sad but I have to say I am happy to see them go. I go to a kettle bell studio when I train with kettle bells.
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    Thanks guys - I think you've hit the nail on the head so to speak with reference to technique and the correct guidance. There are people at our gym who do kettlebells who get kicks out of showing off as they can lift heavy kettlebells and I think yep go ahead as youre gonna do some harm. I'm not saying my technique is perfect and I appreciate it if someone (who knows what they are talking about) pulls me up because I'm getting a bit slack, but i do try and get it right and I'm not bothered if I have to lower my weights, certianly not about ego with me.
    I have a friend who is a massage therapist in town and he's loving kettlebell classes all for the wrong reasons.......back injuries.

    Unfortunatley with many 'new' things you get people who arent properly trained thinking they can do a few classes and a workshop then they can teach and they know everything, but thats life!!
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    I've been using kettle bells regularly since June of last year and I have seen lots of improvement in my functional strength. Remember the kettlebell swing is a great exercise, but you need to safely challenge yourself.

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