Long lasting manicure?

Discussion in 'Health & Beauty' started by kirstny, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. kirstny

    kirstny Well-Known Member

    So, there's some new gel type manicure that stays on 3+ weeks or something? Is it called "axiom"?

    Anyone know anything about this? Getting a mani/pedi today and want something that LASTS (I am basically lost in this world! Lol).

  2. kirstny

    kirstny Well-Known Member

  3. ncfarris26

    ncfarris26 Nicole

    My coworker gets something similar done, I think it's called rockstar? :scratch: Whatever it's called it lasts for a few weeks, no chips and she loves it. Her toes look like works of art. :lol: They add stuff to it called "junk" like crystals and stuff like that.
  4. Rashida

    Rashida Member

    I've had it before. It's by OPI Nail Colors. It's truly a nail polish, but a gel. They give you a regular manicure - then you pick out a color for your polish. Colors are somewhat limited because it's a new product. They put it on like regular nail polish and then your color "cures" under the blue light machine.

    It does last!!! It doesn't chip - grows out though. That's when you have to go back and get another manicure. In order to remove the "polish", you soak in acetone nail poish remover and the scrape it off.

    I liked it....
  5. crystal85

    crystal85 Well-Known Member

    Shellac Is also a gel.. It's great for like 10-12 days..
  6. mlittle21

    mlittle21 Mandy Moo!

    I was getting this. Mine lasted 2 weeks. I loved it.
  7. Sunshine

    Sunshine over-caffeinated

    Axxiom is the OPI brand of gel "nailpolishes." You have to have your hands under UV light to cure the polish, just like regular gel nails. You get to choose a color, just like a polish. It does last about 2-3 weeks, and to remove them it has to be soaked off.

    I have had gel nails for 2.5 years now, I get the pink gel over my natural nails since I don't like them too long. They last wonderfully. The difference is that the gel nails are something I do every 2-3 weeks ongoing, and when I go back to have them redone they use the dremel tool to shorten and shape, then put new gel on. The Axxiom is more like polish, so it gets soaked off, your natural nails are reshaped with a file, then you can get new or go without. I guess it depends if this is something you'll want to upkeep or if it's a one shot deal.
  8. Cyndi1980

    Cyndi1980 New Member

    YES! I tried Gelish for my manicure 2 weeks ago and no chipping AT ALL!

    I'm pretty tough on my nails- my manicures never look like "new" much past a week and they look PERFECT still!

    Gelish was a brush on manicure with a base coat, 2 brush on coats of color and a top coat finished under the UV light.

    No drying time, no chipping and only $15 extra dollars! Great stuff!

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