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    Does any one else get these, have you found what triggers them for you and what is the best way to stop them from coming on full force?

    I have gotten two this summer, and I've never had them before. Last time I started to notice my vision was getting blurry, so I took some ibuprofen right away and some coffee, but that didn't really stop it and I still got sick.
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    I've been getting migraines for around 13 years. I get them at that time of the month. They used to be so bad I would be debilitated and they would sometimes last for up to three days. During the worst of them I felt like I was dying.

    I've been taking a preventative medication called Neurontin to help combat them for four years. It hasn't gotten rid of them, but at least I don't get those horrible ones anymore.

    There are also abortive migraine meds on the market. You need to take them as soon as you feel the headache coming on. If you wait too long they don't work as well.

    Speak to your doctor about the options available.

    Good luck finding something that works for you.
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    also make sure you have high intakes of magnesium and some fish/GLA

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