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Discussion in 'Mindless Banter' started by Meadows, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Meadows

    Meadows misses her dad

    To those of you that consider yourself a "morning person", have you always been a morning person or did you become a morning person?

    I ask because I am the opposite of a morning person. I hate mornings. I would like to be a morning person. I prefer working out in the AM, but I still HATE getting up and am :grrr: about it.

    I heard or read somewhere that it takes 28 days to form a habit, if I get up early every morning for 28 days, could I become a morning person. What do y'all think? :)
  2. Rumbach

    Rumbach Member

    I am becoming more of a morning person, but there are morning people and there are MORNING people. I am the former, getting up at like 7:30. The latter get up at 5:00 a.m. and hang out at early morning fast food places with the elderly. :lol:
  3. Blondell

    Blondell Former Postwhore

    I think that you can form the habit of doing so. After a while you get adapted to it and be a 'morning person'. Heck, I adapted myself a while back to sleep in later. I then had to re-adapt and it wasn't fun. :nonono: There were mornings that I wanted to cry when I had to get up; but I still got out of bed, and now, it just comes naturally again. Even when I try to sleep late, I can't.
  4. demille

    demille Feeling lost....

    By nature I'm a big time morning person. I used to start work at 7, because that is when I had the most energy, and be done by 3. For the last few years, because of medication I take, I'm really sluggish and have a hard time getting up in the morning.
  5. Mols

    Mols My BFF

    Yea I totally turned into a morning person after high school....guess basic training does that to you though (3 or 330am daily), but even after I got home, I still cant sleep in past 8 unless i am hungover! I literally CANT! I love my mornings though, coffee, breakfast, paper, etc on the weekends. Not to mention i work at 6am every day.....but in HS i could sleep until noon any chance I got, no problem! I think my average was like 10 hours a im lucky for 6. But I have definetely adapted to it!
  6. JackieRTP

    JackieRTP Work In Progress

    Yes, I am totally a morning person and have always been. Even my Mom recalls me as a youngin' coming into their bedroom for breakfast and waking my Mom or dad up. Apparently I would open their eyelids, which would cause them to wake, and then I would be like "Oh... you're up!"

    Even now I wake up at 5am during the week without an alarm. I prefer a morning workout as then I have it done and it is out of the way.

    It is possible to become a morning person or change any habit for that matter. Yes, I have heard it typically takes about 3 to 4 weeks depending on the person.
  7. Fet

    Fet The FAT Fet lady's singing....

    Remind me to never invite you to a sleepover. :uhuh:

    I'm SO not a morning person, and I want to be. I've discussed my sleeping-in issues in another thread a while back. I've been recently using some hypnosis audio files that Snakecharmer found for me, to help with this issue. I'm not a morning person yet, but I've seen a difference in how I'm waking up, and a change in my thought processes upon waking, so those are good baby steps. It took me 44yrs to dig myself into this hole, I doubt it would take 28 days to get out of it. :lol3:
  8. liberty

    liberty Active Member

    I was never a morning person until 95% of my awake time was taken over by kids and spouse. Early morniong became the only option and I took it. I can't say I love getting up early but I love love love the free time and being alone.
  9. Lynny

    Lynny I like me.

    I WISH I could get up at like 5 in the mornings to do workouts...but that just doesn't happen. I mean, if I had to I would but I choose to workout in the afternoons because it's better. On the flip-side, I like to get a lot of sleep and getting up really early would mean going to be really early....and I don't jive with that. ;)
  10. rogmel

    rogmel back in the game!

    i guess i have always been a morning person.....i got up very easily for HS......LOVED getting to work early.....i am SO much more productive in the morning!!! and now with 3 kids, it is a gift to be able to get up at 5, workout, and be home before anyone else is up!!!!

    with that said.....i SUCK at staying up and out late......and always have.....i am asleep by 10 every night......unless i have severe amounts of stimulant help.......
  11. Erin

    Erin Getting back to this...

    I've always been a morning person. I like getting up and having alot of stuff done early the day. And now with the kids I get up earlier so i can have quiet before the hustle of their day starts. I try to go to the gym earlier too. The problem is when I am also a night person and then I end up with 5 hours of sleep or today.
  12. Patricia

    Patricia Well-Known Member

    Always been a morning person--but, with a child you NEED to be a morning person IMO.
  13. Inatic

    Inatic Ya Gotta Wanna! Moderator


    It was the only way to fit health and fitness into a life with 5 kidlets(some older and not home now) but if i didnt beat the other early worm (kidlets) it was almost a no go the rest of the day.

    I like the peace and quiet too when all the house is asleep.
  14. thefuture

    thefuture Member

    I'm a morning person. I like to get up at 5:30, have my coffee and then go to the gym. I'm usually winding down by about 3:00. Although I have to say with the clocks going ahead this week, I'm really feeling that "lost" hour.
  15. Hoochiemomma

    Hoochiemomma Member

    I'm an early riser, but I am not a morning person. Big difference. In fact I don't usually recall anything that I have done until I've been up for about an hour, and don't want to have conversation of any sort. I guess I'm on autopilot for that time.

    DH is an early riser AND a morning person. One day I heard him in the kitchen at 5am, singing & making his breakfast/packing a lunch. When he came into the bedroom I just snapped "Are you really that happy? How can you be so happy at 5am?" He just replied "Life is good baby". Sometimes I have a lot to be thankful for.
  16. Patricia

    Patricia Guest

    ALWAYS been a morning person. Much to the grumblings of my parents; especially when I'd be the first person awake and watchin' "Thundarr the Barbarian" or "The Herculoids" on Saturday mornings.

    Don't be a hater! Embrace it! In the meantime, tis okay with being anti-morning. Means you can revel in sleeping in. And why do you have to workout so early? Why not a early evening or late morning? Or lunchtime session?

    Depends on the person, I say. I say fit your own internal timeclock.
  17. Meadows

    Meadows misses her dad

    My job gets in the way. I have been doing evenings, but it doesn't leave much time for anything else. I feel like I jump out of bed, go to work, go to the gym, go to bed. Lunch would be possible, but I only have an hour so getting there getting things done and getting back is doubtful. That is why I used to like the AM workouts, I felt like I was "stealing" time. I just didn't much care for the 5 O'clock hour. :cheeky::lol:
  18. Patricia

    Patricia Guest

    I know that at 5AM what really helps me is the sun rising. So that means around winter, it sucks to get up so early when it's still dark outside.

    Maybe that'll help you and maybe make it a seasonal thang? Like spring, summer, early fall - rise early. Late fall, winter - don't. :)
  19. JJ29

    JJ29 BBB member

    I have always been a morning person. I can remember when I was like 6 years old waking up at 5 am to watch this captain bob art show on saturday mornings, during highschool I worked the 6am shift at mickeyd's on the weekends, and from college on, I have woken up ~ 5am to get my day started.
  20. Aslan

    Aslan New Member

    I've always been a morning person. I'm up with the sun. I love being awake when the sun is rising and the day is just starting. It's so calm and it's so fresh outside. What sucks, though is that I can't sleep in. Even if I go out and don't get to bed until 3am, I'm still up at 6am. Nobody likes to party with me anymore, either. If a big party night out is planned, I have to take nap during the day. Even then I'm still yawning at 11pm ready to go to bed.

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