Morning People??

Discussion in 'Mindless Banter' started by Meadows, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Jeff Rage

    Jeff Rage Es Est Laichzeit!

    I hate mornings.
  2. char-dawg

    char-dawg Mr. Observant

    The Marines made me a morning person. :lol:

    Can't say that I've ever been one for early-morning workouts, though. I need a few hours up and about to get warmed up.
  3. Tearose

    Tearose Focused and On Fire

    I have never been a morning person, but I am really enjoying getting up early and training . I hated it at first too, but habit makes all the difference I stumble out of bed, I really don't want to but I have to get my husbands lunch and pretty soon I'm awake and excited about the day.
  4. absolut_blonde

    absolut_blonde Procrastinatrix

    I HATE mornings. Haaaaate. I need a lot of sleep. It gets marginally better when I am in a routine but I'm bad about maintaining that.

    SO, on the other hand, is downright hyper most mornings. Which makes me even crankier! :grrr:
  5. lynn

    lynn Psst...I know The SECRET

    I am sooo a morning person up between 3-4am everyday
  6. Aaron_F

    Aaron_F A Grade Asshat

    28 days wont work

    I have been doing a largely early morning for years, and it still sucks.
  7. Neely

    Neely lolz

    I've ALWAYS been a night owl. Even as a kid, I hated getting up in the morning, I'd stay up late, I was always grouchy for the first hour or more I was awake.

    I go through viscous cycles with it. Lately, I've been up by 5am most every day to get my workout in before work. And even though I get myself conditioned to getting up early (the time when I used to just be going to bed!), I'm still not a "morning person." I'm still grouchy. I'm still out of it for a while. But I get up and bumble around and get my day going.

    I just don't think I could ever be one of those early risers that's all happy and alert when they get up. Jon's stepmom is like that. Says she's always been like that. I'll get up before dawn, but don't talk to me or expect a response that isn't flippant until after I've had a couple cups of coffee and sucked down some food.
  8. kelster

    kelster ...

    never used to be but no i am... and i prefer it that way, makes me feel like i can get more done in the day... BUT i stay up pretty late as well. normally, which i know it isn't good, but i normally get 4-5 hrs of sleep. 4-430 every AM im up regardless.... weekends, 530-6 if im lucky... this started probably about a year ago... prior to that HORRIBLE AM person... but for some reason it just changed out of no where...

    plus - earlier i get up is the earlier i can eat, :lol3:
  9. Michael_70

    Michael_70 Learning to Live Again

    Sounds like my dad! He's up everyday at 5am..all of his brothers do it too! I think they developed it from growing up on the farm. When he comes to stay with me I swear he sits and waits for me to get up. Once he sees me he jumps up and says "ready to go?". Ugh..

    I'm waking up a little earlier nowdays and I guess I'm kind of chatty in the morning but I'm not bouncing off walls or anything.

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