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  1. Cheryl

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    I'm very new to all this. Sort of feel a little out of my league here, but my main goal has been to convert to a healthy and fit lifestyle. I'm 47 and in August, hired a personal trainer recommended by my friend. I've come a really long way in the last year, and still have quite a way to go.

    Things were going very well with my personal trainer, when my friend asked if I wanted to workout with the competitive "girls". I was feeling strong and had leaned out a little and thought I would try it out.

    In the meantime, I had been reading a lot on LBC facebook page and this forum, and actually got on the wait list in October because everything I am reading here makes so much sense.

    In December, my training and meal plans changed drastically. Calories reduced to 900 per day with reduced carbs and increased protein (which is way below maintenance or deficit for my body weight). Along with 2 a day workouts (am cardio 30-45min / pm strength). Still having much leaning out to do, I felt this was a pretty drastic change and got concerned about where things were going and started to ask questions to my personal trainer. His responses were not very informative; so I think it is time for a breakup with my personal trainer.

    It is difficult for me to do this because I am seeing huge impressive changes in my friend; who really wants to compete, but I am afraid of will happen post competition and cannot afford to risk my health or end up back where I was a year ago just for a competition.

    I'm really hoping to get off the wait list so that I can properly lean out, then maintain a healthy lifestyle; at which point I would decide it competition is for me. So, until the wait list is updated, I am working on new workouts and meal plans, from what I can find here.

    The 3 day full body works, metabolic, HIIT
    Macronutrient - Food Journals
    Curls and Whey Cookbook....

    Wish me luck.....
  2. Emma

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    Glad you broke up with then trainer, 900 calories a day is starvation rations and that way lies disaster.

    I'm wait listed too, also a non competitor, I'm eating a bit over maintenance and using this time to build muscle (and yes, that means accepting some weight gain, I'm dealing with it), when my number comes up i'll be using the trainer to help me lean down.

    What you do between now and then is up to you and depends on your goals, although no matter what I'd say you must not restrict your diet too drastically.
  3. Inatic

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    give up the trainer and that plan and R U N!

    Dont stop, just go.!

    slowly increase cals back up.

    Ps. I've never competed either.
  4. Miss Lily

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    Hey Cheryl.
    I can totally understand that it is difficult to go against the advice of your trainer when your friend is getting quick results. I used to have a trainer who was supposedly one of the best in the 'industry' that I saw 'huge impressive changes' from as well. At the time I thought this was great and believed that what I was doing was ok. I was also eating 900 calories a day while doing 2 hours of cardio 7 days a week and weight training 5 plus teaching spin classes/bootcamp/yoga. I was also a personal trainer at the time.....and the better my physique looked the more clients I had. I was also working for a fitness magazine and travelling to shows like the Arnold/Olympia and had a specific physique to maintain. And because my results happened so quickly I thought it was the only way. Oh hindsight is 20/20.
    I was competing at the time as well and the more shows I planned on doing the tighter the diet/plans got. By my last show I was not only physically exhausted but emotionally. My relationships at home were so strained because of how little time I was spending with my family. My husband and I were on the brink of breaking up. My eating was disordered and I had isolated myself from all of my friends that I thought didn't understand me.
    I placed in the top 5 in my last competition doing the typical old school carb depletion/dehydration etc. plan and immediately was planning my next show/event. Following the next few weeks after the show, I rebounded to the point of a trip to emergency as I was unsure of what was happening to my body. I was bloated and felt like a waterbed. I looked and felt terrible. If that wasn't enough to make me rethink my current lifestyle choices, I continued with my plan fearing that my 'status' in the fitness community would be tarnished and I would lose business and my job with the magazine. By now my body was in full rebellion and my trainer accused me of deviating from my plan......

    It took a lot of soul searching, and I realized the cost was more than the payoff. I spent a couple years going through some incredibly low points....probably the lowest I've ever had. I hated my body, had no energy and didn't know what to do. I never imagined that something that I had believed was a positive lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle and that I promoted to my clients and friends could bring such negative results in my life.

    I have finally found Erik and LBC and can't believe the difference they have made in my life. It has been challenging not having the huge quick results like last time.....but I know now that this is enhancing the quality of my health and life as opposed to taking away from the quality of it. By working with Erik the LBC way I no longer have a fear of carbs(can actually eat them with blowing up like a puffer fish), have a healthy relationship with food and am not living in the gym wasting away my life on a cardio machine. I might not be a size 4 quite yet and who knows if I ever will be again....but after over 2 years of struggling with metabolic issues I have my life back, my body is finally responding and changing and I feel healthy again.

    Waiting for a plan with LBC will be well worth it.....and you won't have to go through metabolic recovery and you'll learn fitness and nutrition the right way the first time around.

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  5. pavermama

    pavermama Rut Row!

    Wow. Miss Lily, that was an amazing story. So Sorry you had to go through all that. I absolutely love my trainer. I don't compete nor do I have the desire to but I spend about an hour and a half lifting 3 days a week and do 2 cardio resistance days which are only 20 minute workouts. He slowly incorporated the cardio days but I don't mind the work outs at all. I really enjoy them. They are super hard but absolutely doable, he pushes me in ways that I've never been pushed. I love it. When it comes to food though, he wants us to EAT!! No carb deprivation, no restriction of calories, not crazy anyways. He wants us to eat clean, but allows for our "desserts" when we want it. Just not to undo what we do. I love it. I couldn't imagine having to go to the gym twice a day everyday, and then starving myself to death. I wouldn't have the energy at all to do my workouts let alone anything else in life. I'm glad you came out strong and what encouragement for everyone else!!
  6. Cheryl

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    Thank you all for sharing your advice and stories. It really helps to keep me motivated and on track.
    Miss Lily, I am glad to hear your are back on track and it just reassures me that I am making the right decision :)
  7. Gooser

    Gooser Do I even lift?

    Agree with everyone else here, really good call on the break-up!
  8. Free2Bme

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    Agree with ditching the trainer. I was on one of those plans and while it worked great in the short term, it was not realistic for me to maintain eating fish and asparagus everyday or workout for two hours a day. Needless to say as soon as I stopped the program the weight (and more) came back just as quick!
  9. Cheryl

    Cheryl Member

    That is what I'm worried about. I'm already starting to feel soft (like the full body workouts-3 days /wk plus HIIT-2 days/wk is not enough). How long should the workouts and HIIT take? (Treadmill 30 on / 30 off x 10) That's only 10 minutes. Did I miss something? There is so much to read.....
  10. Free2Bme

    Free2Bme Member

    I know. Im slowly making my way through it all while waiting my turn on the list. Hang in there and ask questions. There are many knowledgeable people on here who can help.
  11. Amber.nicole

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    This is incredible. I haven't competed but feel like I beat my body up pretty good over the last few years. I've been working with Amy for 2 months and have finally pushed my 2's and 4's to the back of my closet, and purchased some 6's and 8's. I hope to get back in those suckers but if I dont, I dont:)

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