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Discussion in 'Mindless Banter' started by rgreba, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. rgreba

    rgreba New Member

    I go to LA Fitness used to be an Urban Active, so it's a large gym. I'm usually the only girl that works out in the weight room by herself. I was working out today, I saw a guy that was diagonally behind me arm propped up on the leg curl, phone up and taking a picture of me. I saw him through the mirrors. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt untill someone came up to me and was like "that guy was taking a picture of you...etc."
    First of all its creepy
    and second if you're going to take a picture, make it discreet.
    But I didn't know what to really do. I just ignored it. If I was to confront him he would have made up some excuse.

    Anyone else have had an odd experience?
  2. Amy

    Amy Just say no to CANDY!!!

    I have never seen someone take a pic or video of me, but while doing cable pull through, a guy cocked his head to the side and opened his mouth. :blink:
    I also caught someone taking a pic of my workout log once. :lol:

    Most of the guys that go to my current gym are so into themselves, that they don't pay attention to me. :clap:
  3. rgreba

    rgreba New Member

    :ruloco:WOW! People

    "I also caught someone taking a pic of my workout log once" BAHAHA! Did you tell them its not free?

    I wish guys were more into themselves at my gym. I'm known as the "butt girl." :grumble: Could be worse, but I do have a name.
  4. Emma

    Emma Member

    Wow, if I caught someone taking a picture of me in the gym they'd be getting a nervous tic the next time they took their phone out.
  5. Patricia

    Patricia Well-Known Member

    Yes, this movement causes quite a stir at the gym and it gets old. Nothing a really ugly "what are YOU looking at" glare can't fix.

    I find it hard to believe no one stares at you. :girly:
  6. Dayna

    Dayna Member

    Cable pull throughs are my favorite hahahaha

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