Refeeds: Not So Obvious Fat lLoss Mistake, Not doing Structured Refeeds

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  1. I'm just beginning a fat loss program with LBC as I have been a little out of control over the past two months after my last show of the year. Achieved 1st at National Qualifier, but not worth my trainer… thinking back on paying someone to feed my ED makes my heart hurt -- instead of controlled refeeds he had me on super low cal diet plus a few binge, yes literally instructed to BINGE for 24 hours straight til sick, a few days per month. :( Definitely looked great, but it was so hard on my husband watching me bloat, cry, not want to get out of bed the following days.. Praying that all is well with my metabolism so Megan and I can begin my fat loss phase. Not being my normal size and being so uncomfortable with no recognition of my body is a serious mental/emotional challenge. Really looking forward to a "sane, controlled" fat loss program even though it won't get me looking how I am used to looking for a while. Have never been over 116lbs. and am 28. Currently 125. May not sound like a lot, but after having a child, bouncing right back and always wearing 24/25 jeans - this is very uncomfortable. Bad coaching isn't just bad while it's going on -- watch out for the after effects:/ I realize my ED plays a role in my feelings too, but a good coach I feel wouldn't completely disregard my past while planning out the present/future. Being off the wait list is pretty surreal. Refeeds sounds the same! Can't wait!
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    You have come to the right place, for sure!!
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    I know this is an old thread but I just did a refeed today and don't feel to great tonight. I had a slight headache and some stomach issues. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had any issues?
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    what did you choose for your refeeds?

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