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Discussion in 'Beginner Training & Nutrition' started by Miss Silly, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Miss Silly

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    Hey everyone,

    I don't know which forum to put this in so i put it in the beginner one cause i feel like a beginner again LOL

    I'm the ever-classic case of an over-dieted, over-cardiod physique athlete [fitness]. I"m stuck in that awful cycle of gaining and losing the same 40 pounds and every show gets harder and more aggressive, and my body fights back even harder. Then I injured my knee and had to stop doing all my off-season cardio (yup) and even with my diet, i'm watching the weight pack on at an un proportional rate.

    So. It was a wake up call that my system is F****D and i HAVE to stop this roller coaster. I have to accept abandoning all competitive plans and focus on recovery and helping my body get "normal". I need to stop fighting with it.

    I'm at the precipice of diving into the unknown and it's so scary. I think i have all the same fears and questions as everyone else who has been through this experience and from the testimonials i've read on leanbodiesconsulting, i see many girls have been through this and came out healthy and happy. I was hoping some of you lovely lady "survivors" could post some of their insights and encouragement. I'm scared, depressed and kinda feel like crying actually.
  2. Debbie

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    Hi! :wave: You have come to the right place! I'm on the wait-list but have experienced all the same things you are going thru. The biggest step you can take is to be open minded to trying a new way of training and eating. Yes, you are going to have doubts, fears and set-backs. The good news is that the more time you spend here the quicker you will come to trust that this is a lifestyle that can work for you.

    Once you have made 10 posts you can read the journals and start one of your own. That would be a great way for you to learn from all the many experienced, successful people on the forum. :hug: I'm sure everyone would love to meet you!
  3. Scarl3tbutt3rfly

    Scarl3tbutt3rfly Motivated and ready!!

    Welcome!! Dive right in!! There is definitely a wealth of knowledge here. I wish you much luck in your recovery. I am sorry you have had such a hard time :(
  4. Miss Silly

    Miss Silly The Peanut Gallery

    Thank you for your replies!

    Debbie, how are you doing mentally? I'm watchign my weight go up and trying really hard not to get depressed about it! I agree that it's difficult to change the crazy mindset that [too] many of us that have undergone extreme protocols have been "brainwashed" with. (i hope that sentence made sense hahah!).

    I'm really glad i found this board too. I have a lot to learn from people here. I better start posting more :p
  5. stephm2010

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    :wave: your in a great place
  6. LoriZ

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    Hi! I'm in a similar situation, though not as bad. I'm only up around 25-30lbs, and it doesn't seem to be going up much more. Just can't get it off for the life of me! So I somewhat understand what you're going through.

    Mentally, (you didn't ask me, but I'll chime in) I finally accepted it. Although it took me almost a year to get to this point. I still don’t like the way I look, but worrying about something that was out of my control wasn’t helping. So I quit stressing over it and decided to leave it to the professionals!
    I also avoid the scale now - I used to be obsessed with it. But the only thing it would do is make me depressed.

    After you get through this you'll be better in the long run. I don't have all the answers, or any for that matter. Just offering my support. I'm still waiting and learning too.
    And while you're recovering, try not to fall back into the cycle. I did that several times - I'd say I'm taking a break, then after a few weeks, I couldn't take it anymore and would go back to dieting, get nowhere and say F-it, I'm taking a break, and repeat.... Make sure you give your body a true break so it can recover. Good luck with it! I know it's not easy.
  7. Miss Silly

    Miss Silly The Peanut Gallery

    Thanks for everyone's replies :)

    Lori, thanks for your post too. I'm also trying to avoid going back in the cycle because i know that thinking too short term will totally hinder the long-term plan of health recovery. I'm certainly glad it's winter right now LOL this way i can wear a lot of clothes. But it is frustrating nonetheless. I want this part of the recovery to go fast hahahha.

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