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  1. andi

    andi anyone selling sleep?

    this is long*****
    I have always hated the excuse I have time to work out! I mean I used to get up at 4am workout, go to work for 14 hrs, come home and do homework, all while I planned my wedding and took care of my mom!:huh:
    so...I figured I'd ask the peeps-prob those who have kids? who know how it's important to figure this out(I want to lose this sick belly!)...I don't know how I can fit it in. I keep going w/ the plans of really going at it again, but then I end up just working out 1 x per week and just get sore and start over...(I thought I could go 3x a week for weights and 1 x for cardio)
    maybe it just isn't an option right now? and I should wait a few *more* months...(I was pregnant, and haven't really worked out since 6 mos of pp)here's my schedule: oh and if I had a gym w/ a daycare that would solve everything and no I have NO sitters except for when I'm in school...

    Mon, wed, fri's- school from 11-6, pick up dd and go home put her to bed etc
    Sat and Sun-work 8am- 4-5ish
    tues and thurs-off but with Gabby all day, dh doesn't get home everyday until at least 7.
    I planned on going tues, thurs and sun after gabby goes to bed, b/c I am not going to the gym while she's awake as I feel like I don't see her enough. but sunday the gym isn't open that long, and plus dh has to be willing to watch her.
    we put dd to bed at 7:30ish, then I get to finally eat dinner, I must do a little homework every night-I'm in very hard time consuming classes (dd also still doesn't nap so I can't get it done during the day:suicide:). I',m already off to a bad start this semester. I know that I am in over my head but I have to finish it out....
    so I don't see how I can really do it, unless I get just 4 hrs of sleep everynight!:sad:
    thanks for listening to my rambling!
    oh and p.s. I'm sure caffine would help me out some but since I'm bf I only get a small amount, darn!)
  2. andi

    andi anyone selling sleep?

    oh, maybe this should go in preggy section b/c it has a lot to do w/ having kids? but I'll take any thoughts I can get:)
  3. Noel Clark

    Noel Clark Senior Member

    This is so hard. I ended up getting equipment for my house. I just never seemed to have time to "go" to the gym, but when it was made it a bit easier. I will admit that I was very sleep deprived...but then I am not sure what mom really isn't. Maybe you can get some stuff for the house. And even share with your hubby that this is important to you. When you say 'get' him to watch her--well, why not? I think it is so critical to make some time for yourself. Is it hard? Heck yes, but very very important. Maybe until you free up a bit of time you could just really buckle down on your diet. We all know how much that can change us.

  4. mardgra426

    mardgra426 Well-Known Member

    Yes,it is very hard to find the time and your situation is hard too.
    I agree that you should talk to your husband about how important it is to you. Either him watching Gabby while you go or getting useful equipment for you to use at home.
    I just started getting up at dark-thirty to get my workout in. My gym does have a daycare, but Miles won't sleep there. If I do take him w/ me, it messes him up for the rest of the day. I get up between 4-5am, BF him and then hit the gym and am home before his next feeding. I am sleep deprived, but I would be even if I did not go to the gym! :lol:
    I hope you find a solution.
  5. jackie

    jackie Well-Known Member

    when my children were babies I always did exercise tapes in the living room while they were in the swing or highchair, they loved watching mommy. Once they got a little older I moved down to the basement and worked out. One half of my basement is a play room & one half a work out room and I would just put up a gate so they could not get in. I would never have had time to go to the gym.
  6. alandrum

    alandrum Well-Known Member

    It is all about the hubby helping out. I work out 6 days a week and have since 3 weeks after I gave birth to my twins. BUT it is only because I have a wonderful husband that will not only watch them but he also helps cook, clean and do laundry so when i have a free min I run downstairs to work out instead of feel like i have to do house stuff. He knows how important it is for me to get back to myself because I look gross right now and can not stand it. He always says "when mommy is happy everyone is happy:)" I also have a full gym in my basement and this helps alot. For the spring I would invest in a runner stroller. I have a single one if you want to buy it for cheap. I am in the market for a double one myself.
  7. donnajo

    donnajo Feeling Strong!

    After I had Lauren we lived in a house and I made one of the rooms a workout room. So, if I could not make it to the gym I could squeeze in a workout at home. My husband works a lot of hours so I had did not have him to watch her. I would either do it when she was napping or I have put her in the bouncer or baby swing and worked out as long as she was patient. There were days I had to cut it short or break it up into smaller segments throughout the day. Sometimes you have to get creative and do what you can.
  8. Carrie

    Carrie My 3 babies!!!

    I'm also lucky enough to have work out equipment at home, otherwise I probably would not be able to find the time either. If setting up a home gym is impossible for you, then how about finding a friend or neighbor who may be willing to watch the baby for a few bucks while you head to the gym?? You have to get creative when you have a baby unfortunately. And as Noel suggested, if working out is out of the question for the time being, focus on your will make a difference.
  9. rogmel

    rogmel back in the game!

    ditto to everything everyone else has said.......Carrie has a great idea about a friend......maybe you could even find someone to trade off with......a support system is SO important!!! Is there another gym with child care??

    and I also agree about the DH bashing here......but you did not have this child alone! it always seems most of the responsibility falls on mom to be creative with the should be a firm thing that on sunday YOU get to workout....and she stays with him.....a father caring for his child is NOT babysitting, it is parenting and it is so important for you to have time for you.........

    wish i could keep her for you!!
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  10. alandrum

    alandrum Well-Known Member

    hey i know we are not super close to each other but i think it is about a 20 min drive. you could come over once a week and workout in my gym :)
  11. Ali

    Ali Senior Member

    Even if you can get 15 minutes of *something* in, that's great! I know most of us here are working heavy weights and intervals and all that stuff, but when I had very little ones, I didn't know about or have the equipment to do all that I do, now. I did lots of walking, BW exercises, some biking, dancing...whatever I could.

    I remember jumping on my stationary bike with the monitor next to it and praying to god that I could get at least 15 minutes in. When I was still working, this is how my lunch break went...pump BM and eat for 15-20 minutes and then walk for the rest of my break.

    A lot of my workouts were broken up...10 minutes here and 10 minutes there.

    I guess you just have to be on the lookout for times that you can squeeze something...anything in.

    It's super hard...but you won't regret it.

    Hang in!!
  12. andi

    andi anyone selling sleep?

    thanks you guys are great!:hearts:

    I think I made dh sound bad, but I get resentful too...he does do quite a bit around the house (most of the time!) so it helps but he works at least 12 hrs a day and does have gabby quite often b/c I work the weekend and still leave the house sometimes to go study(I think he has way less time for himself actually!)...but yeah he knows how imp it is to me, and he is trying to be better, esp b/c I blew a huge fit the other day:lol:
    the whole equipment in house is a good idea, I just don't know where to keep it, we live a tiny house w/ no closets..hell I guess I could keep the crap outside if I have to:p
  13. andi

    andi anyone selling sleep?

    Amanda-thanks! :love:

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