Severe Shoulder Pain

Discussion in 'Health & Beauty' started by Cheryl, Mar 28, 2013.

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    I have this severe shoulder pain. I thought that I had dislocated something, the pain was so bad I went to emergency on Monday. The xray determined it was not broken or dislocated.
    Apparently, there is a problem in my rotator cuff area; they can not determine if it is a tendon problem or calcium deposits. I have to wait to see my family doctor who should schedule an MRI; which I don't know how long this will take.
    I am in so much pain, I can't sleep, I can't focus at work and I definitely can't workout. I thought originally it was possibly because I was lifting too heavy, but there does not see to be any known causes for "calcium deposits" in this area

    Has anyone experienced this? What can I do to ease this pain until the doctors can organize themselves?
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    Calcification on the tendon (calcific tendonitis) in the shoulder is not that husband had it recently. It was painful and limited his mobility. He spoke with GP on the phone who told him not even to bother seeing him but go to an Orthopedist. Guy he saw was a shoulder specialist. He was able to see it on an X-ray, no MRI needed. Calcific tendonitis generally goes thru a cycle, very painful, then get better as they get reabsorbed - if they don't, then they can try other things. Doc gave my DH a shot to help and it was resolved within 5 days. It can be causes by several things but mostly cause is unknown.
  4. Kristyjanz

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    Try Physio or acupuncture. Some physios can do acupuncture. Could just be an overuse/training inflammation of the muscle tendon. Ice, rest, see a Physio. Likely not a long term issue if your get it looked at ASAP. If you can't pinpoint a specific injury or trauma to the area and it came on slowly, likely a tendinitis but get it checked out ASAP. A doctor won't give you anything except a shot or meds that mask the pain but don't fix the problem.
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    I experienced a similar problem last year. Severe pain that disturbed my sleep, BIG TIME. I have a very high tolerence for pain but every time I moved I was awakened. And I couldnt even think about training any upper body. After 2 months I did go to an orthopedic DR. He did x-rays, and an MRI. The MRI showed very little space between the two bones that the rotator cuff lays in. This can be fixed with surgery but he recommended a cortisone shot to see if it would help before going though with surgery. Within two days, my pain was gone, and still is today. Periodically it will bother me but NOTHING like it did before. The rehab for the surgery is looong and painful. I was told that I probably wouldnt be able to train that arm/shoulder/chest for at least 6 months. I highly recommend the shot!!
  6. RpH

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    If I had your problem, I would temporarily decrease my systemic acid load by eliminating meat from my diet and attempt to offset the caloric loss with additional green vegetables. Your IGF-1 levels will probably be elevated and they need to come down as your immune system won't function as well.
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    I'm near the end of an 18 month shoulder injury - tendonititis became frozen shoulder. It's ridiculously painful (couldn't sleep etc) and they missed this in the MRi because they didn't use contrast. Honestly, nothing helped my pain - I was sure something was torn. In case your shoulder is or becomes "frozen shoulder", I can offer that after the tendonititis healed, physical therapy and serious myofasical release helped tremendously. I hope you feel better soon!
  8. ashtay2726

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    Having some shoulder pain myself so I sympathize. Not sure what causes mine either, but it does limit my mobility.
  9. Oduwe

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    No..i am afraid for your pain. I hope u feel better soon
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    I can understand your feeling.. Because I also had faced very severe shoulder pain due to a bike accident.. I was unable to make any shoulder workout.. So therefore I would like to suggest you don't make any shoulder workout in this situation, It can be cause for big injury.. Use olive oil massage for your shoulder pain..
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    I had the same problem after an intense shoulder work out. Went to ER and all. Pain meds..and complete rest of shoulder (I kept mine in a sling for 2 months) and when I returned to the gym was baby steps with upper body workouts. I hope you're feeling better! !

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