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  1. straitshooter

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    Ok so I don't know how many other states have these types of japanese restaurants (sometimes we are whack out here in California), but see if these are where you live and TRY IT!

    I swear you could eat this all the way up to the day of your show! Check this out:

    Basically it's a 'japanese' "Melting Pot" is the way I describe it. You take your choice of raw lean meats and you 'cook' it in your own person pot of boiling water with seaweed. It's served w/ lots of raw veggies that you cook the same way, along with tofu. You also get dipping sauces if you want, as well as Udon noodles and white rice (which you could obviously refuse if you wanted to go no-carb).
    It's a really fun atmosphere as well!

    AND, it's cheap as all get out. I am going there again tonight! :):):)
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  2. Amy

    Amy Just say no to CANDY!!!

    We love Shabu Shabu- hard to find in all the "wannabe" Japanese restaurants around here :sad: Everyone here wants things coated in shoyu (soy sauce) :ban:

    :yum: I am wanting some now.
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    We have one that I know of - very good!! Lots of fresh veggies!

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