walking pneumonia?

Discussion in 'Health & Beauty' started by SPB131, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. SPB131

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    I have been sick with flu like symptoms since monday night, started a small, hardly nothing, cough wed and today had a chest x ray and I have pneumonia. I hate being stuck at home with zero energy and my eating has turned to crap and comfort foods!! anyone know how long this will keep me down and out of the gym? thanks
  2. Bunny

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    is it viral or bacterial (ie are you on antibiotics?) Try steam showers to help ease yoru breathign at night (sit in the bathroom with the door closed, shower on hot so that the steam fills the room). I'm pretty sure I've got it too & need to get to the dr's tomorrow to confirm. If you're on antiobiotics I would think you'll be feeling betetr within a few days, otherwise it'll take a bit longer - depends how bad it is really. It's worse at night, so even whe you do get to feeling more ebergetic try to get your workouts in earlier in the day if you can until you're 100%

    Feel better!
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    It's important to know what type of pneumonia do you have, viral or bacterial. It's easier to cure viral...
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    Sorry you are not feeling well. You cannot control being sick or being unable to go to the gym, but you can control what you eat. Although not always easy, that will keep you on track, as nutrition is number one :) Good luck...hope you feel better soon!

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