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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by clsupnorth, May 4, 2006.

  1. clsupnorth

    clsupnorth 'Kooky' Vegetarian

    I would like to get some critique on my new carb cycling schedule I've worked out. It seems suspiciously high in fat, but if that's ok, I'm ok with that! :) I've read through all the stickies, and pondered and studied Thunder's article, so I think I've worked it out correctly. I think.

    Weight: 134 lbs (60.9 kg)
    Approx BF: 20.45%
    Lean Mass: 106.7 lbs (48.5 kg)

    I use the Katch/McArdle equation to figure out daily maintenance at 1948 cals. (It actually works out a bit higher, but I find I maintain at this just fine)
    To figure my protein, I used the 1.3 g/lb/day = 139 g Pro
    For Carbs, I used .75g/lb/day for a low day, 1 g/lb/day for a med (maint), and 2 g/lb/day for a high day.
    I figured fats in as a ballast, according to calorie consumption.

    Then I cycled the calories between my low/med/high days to 20% below maint/maint/5% above maint.

    That gave me something that looked like this:

    Low Day: Carbs 80 g (320 cal), Pro 139 g (554 cal), Fat 76 g (684 cal) Total Calories/day 1558
    Med Day: Carbs 107 g (426 cal), Pro 139 g (554 cal), Fat 107 g (967 cal) Total Calories/day 1948
    High Day: Carbs 213 g (853 cal), Pro 139 g (554 cal), Fat 71 g (638 cal) Total Calories/Day 2045

    Since I usually weight train and do HIIT before meal 2, I have also tapered my carbs down throughout the day, but kept my protein and fat divided up evenly throughout my 5 meals.

    My schedule is as follows:

    Sunday: High Day: Cheat Meal, No weights, HIIT, walk with dogs
    Monday: Med Day: Upper horizontal push/pull weights, walk with dogs, Yoga/stretching
    Tuesday: Low Day: No weights, Yoga, walk with dogs
    Wed: Med Day: Lower Quad Dominant, walk with dogs
    Thurs: High Day: Upper vertical push/pull weights, HIIT, no walk
    Fri: Med Day: Lower Hip dominant, Yoga, walk with dogs
    Sat: Low Day: Total rest

    Any advice? Suggestions? This was alot of work, so I sure hope I got it right. I can tell you that I've been following it for the last 4 days and it seems great.
  2. shell

    shell New Member

    Well I am no expert, but I thought that a low day is supposed to be no carbs except for fiberous veggies. :unsure: When I have a low day I keep my fat and protein the same and remove all starchy carbs. :confused:
  3. PowerManDL

    PowerManDL Banned

    I can criticize anything.
  4. Erik

    Erik Admin

    Not necessarily no.
  5. Strive2Define

    Strive2Define Banned

    I thought low carb was all relative..just dependent upon what the macros of your other days were.
  6. shell

    shell New Member

    So i CAN have a bit of oats in the morning, on low carb day? I lterally cut out all of it which makes my low days, a total of 1000 cals. :blink: Im going to have to go back to the drawing bored.
  7. shell

    shell New Member

    Would you mind explaining this to me. Pretty please. :baby:
  8. collegegirl

    collegegirl Member

    Isn't 1 g. x bodyweight suppossed to be your real weight not x the lean body mass? When I carb cycle, I times it by my actual weight. I', confused now. :huh:
  9. strongchick

    strongchick Well-Known Member

    I would assume if you weigh much more and have a lot of calories to get in your low carb days, it would be VERY difficult to get it all in with just protein and fats and fibrous veggies.

    Its all relative.
  10. collegegirl

    collegegirl Member

    Well, I'm 130 pounds and I usually go according to this weight. Should I be going according to my lean body mass like clsupnorth?
  11. Pandora

    Pandora Well-Known Member

    I think you need more protein and less fat, personally.
  12. rachel.

    rachel. EP Boardoholic

    I'm only 118lbs, there's no freaking way I'm eating only 118g of carbs on a med day lol.

    I've been going 75g low, 175g med, 250g high

    but im trying to gain a bit of mass in order to reach maintenance :)
  13. clsupnorth

    clsupnorth 'Kooky' Vegetarian

    Why do you say that? If I'm supposed to get anywhere between 1.25-1.5 g/lb/day, then i'm right in the ballpark. Since only my lean mass contains muscle, there should be no need for me to use my entire body weight (including fat) in that calculation. Why feed protein to my fat?

    I know there are multiple ways to do this, I just wanted to know if there are any glaring errors.

    On the topic of low day being too much carbs....
    On a low carb day my carbs are coming from mostly non-starchy sources (nut butters, flax meal, cottage cheese, veggie meats).

    With 80 grams of carbs divided and staggered over 5 meals, the day goes like this:
    Meal 1 - 30 g carbs
    Meal 2 - 20 g carbs
    Meal 3 - 16 g carbs
    Meal 4 - 10 g carbs
    Meal 5 - 5 g carbs

    Since meal 2's carbs are from a post-workout drink, trust me, there's absolutely no way I could get a starchy carb in that day even if I wanted to. I tried calculating in a potato, but it worked out to like 1/4 a piece of one potato, and even then it was too much!

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