What did you see in your gym today?

Discussion in 'Training' started by Erin, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Fay

    Fay Well-Known Member

    Now that's funny! Why do I miss the good stuff?
  2. Amy1984

    Amy1984 Member

    I always see the same guy, who I should mention is not bad looking, doing the same "exercise" that makes him look less attractive simply because I don't understand what he is doing?! Let me know if the exercise I'm about to describe has some hidden purpose so I don't keep judging him inside my head every time I watch him -- I feel bad for doing that, especially if I'm the stupid one.

    He stands in front of the mirror and holds a 25lb plate with both hands directly out in front of him and does this figure 8 type circular motion and moves the plate up over his head and then back out in front. It's like a twirly-motion. I'm not even sure I could demonstrate it if I tried. I think his shoulders might be double-jointed or something. He does this for literally 3 minutes or so; goes off and does another exercise and then is right back at the figure 8 action afterwards. What is this!?
  3. Emma

    Emma Member

    I can't be sure but it sounds to me like something a physiotherapist might prescribe, perhaps he's rehabbing a shoulder injury?

    A few years ago I had high hamstring tendonopathy and my physio had me doing some very odd things, which I did in the privacy of my own home.

    Or he could just be odd
  4. Maggieb14

    Maggieb14 Member

    Yeah, same here, my husband had a bad shoulder once and the therapist told him to carry two water-filled buckets for 20 steps x 5 sets x 2 times daily. Needless to say, he let it heal on its own ~ lol
  5. Fay

    Fay Well-Known Member

    You could say to the guy, "That's an interesting exercise. What does it do for you?" Since you said he is not bad looking and you are single, right?

  6. hallakristin

    hallakristin New Member

    I saw a guy doing deadlifts with the worst form I have ever seen. He loaded up the bar, 200 kg (440lbs) I would guess and then pulled it up, with his back so bent he looked like a cat stretching. It just hurt alot watching that.

    And then there is this girl at my gym who always works out with heavy makeup and in high heals!

    I train at a small gym that has a few weight lifting belts you can use, and there were only two people at the gym, me and some guy, and I was doing tricep extensions, and in the middle of my set he lays his hand on my shoulder to ask me if I am using some belt! Which I clearly did not need...
  7. Leslie

    Leslie New Member

    A couple weeks ago, I saw two guys load up a bar for back loaded squats, not sure if that's the correct name. At least I hope that's what they were trying to do. Instead of leaving the bar on the cage one of the guys pressed it overhead and was trying to lower it behind his head to rest on his back while the friend spotted or helped. I wasn't laughing because I though I was going to see a rotator cuff tear any second. He could not control the weight and after a couple wobbles trying to lower it they put the bar back on the cage and left.

    I don't "see" this but, I "see" the effects of bad personal training. I'm a massage therapist and from time to time I have clients come in from "Personal Training" in bad shape: strains, pulls, exercises that exacerbate established postural issues, using more weight than the target muscle can control. It's pretty upsetting, because the clients think they hurt because "no pain, no gain" but it's the wrong kind of pain and they don't know the difference.
  8. OneMadMonkey

    OneMadMonkey Well-Known Member

    I still see people doing behind the back lat pull downs. I'm always surprised there's someone out there who still doesn't know better.

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