Yummy Cottage Pie

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    Ingredients: 1/2 pound ground beef -- or
    1 teaspoon onion flakes
    1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
    1 teaspoon beef gravy
    salt and pepper -- to taste
    3 medium cauliflower
    1 stick butter
    1/2 cup cheddar cheese --
    salt and pepper -- to taste

    How To Prepare: Cook beef, garlic powder,
    and onion flakes in 1 tsp oil
    until meat is all brown. Add
    1 cup boiling water to the
    beef gravy powder and stir
    into the meat mixture. Add
    salt/pepper as desired.
    Meanwhile, cook the
    cauliflower in boiling water
    until very soft. Mash well
    with a potato masher, or
    whizz in a food blender until
    smooth. Mix in the butter
    and cheese and
    salt/pepper. Put the meat
    mixture into a small pie
    dish and top with the
    cauliflower mash. Bake for
    about 20 minutes at 350F.
    Add a little more grated
    cheese to the top and
    brown under a broiler.
    NOTES : Counts for beef
    gravy powder not included
    in totals.
    Number of Servings: 3
    Carbs per serving - include all nutritional information if known: 5g carbs total

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